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Tower Of Fantasy: Best Ranged Mimics

  Tower Of Fantasy: Best Ranged Mimics As more players flock to Tower of Fantasy, it's helpful to know which ranged attackers are best to have in one's corner.Within Tower Of Fantasy, the character class system is as non-conventional as possible. The game uses a “mimic” based system, which is built around the "gacha" aspects of the game. Players will have opportunities to obtain special weapons that contain powerful abilities, and avatars that players can use three at a time. Among the weapons available at launch, there are a plethora of options, especially in the ranged category. From dual pistols to magical lightning and everything in between, here are some of the best ranged mimics in Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower Princess is a roguelite game that will surely capture the interest of many players - they take control of a knight who must rescue a princess from the dungeon. After that, the player must roam the halls of this dungeon with their princess to take down each guardian of an area before defeating the evil dragon.

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There are many players who will instantly be able to pick up and play the game, with no hesitation at all. However, there are some other people who may struggle a bit, and thus will need some beginner tips to help them out.

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Targeting Is Useful

When a player starts going through the game, they will realize it will be especially in their favor to start aiming for specific enemies. This is even more true if they are wielding the musket weapon (which is one of the few long ranged weapons within the game).

Learning how to aim will unlock a world of opportunity for the players in terms of strategy and efficiency. They will be able to concentrate their attacks on one specific enemy that is bothering them, or with the musket, be able to shoot down an enemy from far away.

Interact And Attack

Nearly everything in the game can be interacted with, and the sooner a player figures that out, the sooner they will start improving. A player should keep trying to interact with everything - it is how they will be able to speak to people, open doors, find secret items, and more.

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Everything that cannot be interacted with, though, can be attacked instead for the same result. That will be how a player activates switches and other magic crystals; thankfully, there is a red exclamation mark that will appear above their head when they come across something to be attacked.

Get Those Skills

A player will gain multiple skills as they go through the game, but it will not happen immediately. There are two special attacks that a player wielding a sword will be able to use (though it is later on in the game.)

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Although the player can immediately use these skills in the tutorial, they will not actually unlock them until later on. However, they are still very useful, and once unlocked a player should remember to use them as much as they can, as it will greatly turn the tides in the player's favor.

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There Are Multiple Princesses To Choose From

One of the main points of Tower Princess is that there is not just one princess that a player can save, but they will have to choose between multiple. A player can choose between a Human princess, a mermaid princess, a zombie princess, or even a Kobold poorly disguised as a princess!

A player's incentive to choose between the princess is more than just for laughs - each princess actually has a unique mechanic that can aid the player in battle. Whether a princess is more tuned towards healing, supplementary damage, or something in between, however, is up for the player to figure out.

Give The Princess Her Gifts

Tower Princess is part dating sim for a reason - a player can give all sorts of gifts to the princess to make her fond of them. This, in turn, will lock an extra passive power for a princess if a player gives her enough gifts that she likes.

Luckily, as a player goes through the game, they will be able to get hints and whatnot that will help them figure out just what princess likes what, making it easier to gift things to them. This passive can be insanely helpful in times, as long as a player can unlock it.

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Do Not Forget To Upgrade

Later on, a player will be able to find a way to upgrade themselves as they progress through the game. Their ability to upgrade will become much more expanded once a player finds the Kobold Shopkeeper, along with finding the Bureaucrat Leader as well.

A player can upgrade their armor, musket, map, and their sword, as long as they have tokens to spend. The map is one of the best things to upgrade, though, as it will keep the player from getting lost easily.

Defeat The Guardian Of Each Area

A player cannot progress unless they defeat the guardian of each area that they are in. These guardians are essentially the bosses of each area - such as the cook being the guardian of the castle.

The main point of the game is to power up the player character enough to fight the guardians, rescue the princess, and then kill off the evil dragon as the final boss. The guardians act as a good way to prep the player for what is to come regarding the evil dragon they have to kill off.

Tower Princess is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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