Entertainment: Costa Rica: Nine dead and four missing in a coach accident

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L'autocar accidenté au Costa Rica, le 18 septembre 2022 © Handout The accidental coach in Costa Rica, September 18, 2022

people died, and four others are missing after a coach, A motorcycle and a car tilted into a ravine, carried away by a landslide caused by heavy rain, announced Sunday the spokesperson for the Costarian Red Cross Andres Alvarez.

The coach and the other two vehicles fell on Saturday in a ravine, 75 meters deep, at Col El Hundimiento in Cambronero, about 80 km west of the capital, San José.

Three women aged 51 to 61 died, as well as six men aged 21 to 66, including the motorcyclist, according to the judicial police who made the identification of the victims.

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About fifty people, including the driver of the coach, were rescued and are alive, according to the Costarian Social Security services. Rescue operations ended Sunday early in the afternoon.

The coach made the connection between the capital San José and the province of Guanacaste and transported approximately 47 people, the owner of the bus company, German Alfaro, told Costaorian daily. The Red Cross had previously estimated the number of passengers at around sixty.

Images disseminated by the emergency services show the wreckage of the coach at the bottom of a ravine in this mountainous region where rescue operations were particularly difficult.

Costarate President Rodrigo Chavez has declared three days of national mourning and announced the cancellation of his trip to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly due to the emergency situation in the country caused by rains Diluvian.

"We have been abandoned for years," said a resident of the surroundings, Gilber Martinez, to the local television channel Canal 7, denouncing with other residents the absence of protective or signaling barriers on this Road portion.

The Minister of Public Works Luis Amador, however, estimated that "this type of accident is unpredictable". "It is not the fault of the government or the coach company. This is something that we cannot predict," he said.

In March 2021, a report of specialists from the University of Costa Rica had alerted the risk of road collapse in this sector.


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