Entertainment: An Iron Man Theory Explains Why Rhodey Kept the War Machine Suit

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  Iron Man is Broke & Running From Assassins in New Series This Fall Iron Man has suffered a lot lately, and this fall it’s going to get even worse for the Armored Avenger when he ends up broke and chased by assassins.Christopher Cantwell, CAFU, and Angel Unzueta have put Iron Man through the wringer over the course of their recent run. Tony has lapsed into substance addiction, suffered a failed wedding proposal, and lived to see his worst impulses magnified to epic proportions when he had access to the power cosmic. Even now as Tony aims to take down the black market entity Source Control, Iron Man has isolated himself from the broader superhero community and is prepared to lose every last penny in the Stark vaults.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced many new heroes and heroes inspired by those that came before. But one of the most unique was set up before the character even had a codename. James "Rhodey" Rhodes was Tony Stark's Air Force liaison and best friend even before he became Iron Man. However, once Tony's life became more superheroic, Rhodey's life took a similar turn when he became War Machine. But even though the circumstances of his creation worked against Tony, that didn't stop their friendship.

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In Iron Man 2, Tony thought he was dying and had become self-destructive. As a result, Rhodey had to take one of his suits, which got retrofitted to become War Machine. But even though Ivan Vanko hacked it, Black Widow gave Rhodey control, and the two worked together to stop Vanko's onslaught. When the battle was over, Tony asked to get his suit back, but deep down, he knew that Rhodey would play a much larger role in his life as War Machine for a reason only he knew.

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War Machine Was Tony's Last Resort

Tony's entire reason for fighting was to rid the world of the weapons he had helped to create. He knew that, in the wrong hands, they would do more damage than good, and there was only so much that Tony could do. But as Iron Man, he represented a new age of offense that instead focused on non-lethal combat through his repulsor rays and clean energy, as evidenced by his arc reactor. But even though Tony still used weapons in his suit, he knew that the world wouldn't see things his way.

When Rhodey became War Machine, it was the perfect opportunity for Tony to employ his friend as a last resort. Deep down, Tony was aware that the world wouldn't see things his way all the time, and weapons would always be a part of society. Therefore, when his methods couldn't work, War Machine was able to even the odds. Tony might've wanted the weapons out of the hands of the enemy, but even though he wouldn't admit it to Steve Rogers, the safest hands to use them were still his own.

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War Machine Showed How Weapons Could Be More Than Destructive

While his name was War Machine, Rhodey was far from a warmonger and preferred to use his weapons to save lives rather than take them. As the MCU has shown, most of his most explosive moments weren't against humans. He would unleash his artillery on robots and aliens to defend innocent lives without remorse, but when it came to protecting human life, Rhodey was much more careful. One of the best examples was when he fought Giant-Man and dropped most of his payload of artillery to destroy a truck while his other weapons were non-lethal.

In the end, War Machine represented a new look at the weapons that Tony knew wouldn't go away. But rather than use them for destruction, War Machine showed that they could get used to save lives and protect others rather than killing people. Tony's new approach to safety may detest those more focused on money, but with War Machine, it's harder to ignore the weapons they've funded being used in a positive light rather than a destructive one. As a result, he may be Tony Stark's most important weapon against violence.

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