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Being a comedian, Colin Jost deals in the art of sharp jibes and roasts, so when Bobby Flay fed him some of his own medicine, it was probably like another day at the office for the "Saturday Night Live" anchor.

Bobby Flay Smiling © Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Bobby Flay Smiling

"Beat Bobby Flay," the Flay-centric cooking show, has turned illustrious associates into victims. He invites these contestants - supposedly his friends - onto his show, and then demonstrates to them their inferiority in the culinary sphere. Not to worry, the man gets his comeuppance, too. Flay has been beaten by the likes of Alex Guarnaschelli, among others.

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We do not know how Flay lures his prey, but we do suspect that the ability to crow about having beaten one of TV's best chefs has something to do with it. And in the case of competitors on "Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay," that crowing would come with a $40,000 prize, per Food Network. Like so many others, Jost was trying to collect this bounty. The prudence of that is questionable, considering that one publicly discussed example of his cooking involved Jost's wife, Scarlet Johansson, describing a Thanksgiving apple pie he made as "zesty" (via YouTube). That sounds like a bit of a roast, too.

Colin Jost Takes It On The Chin

Colin Jost and Scarlet Johansson © Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Colin Jost and Scarlet Johansson

If you are a fan of Colin Jost, you will know that he hitched his wagon to Scarlett Johansson in 2020 (via People). Johansson is anything but small in Tinsel Town. The "Avengers" star, having made it to the top of Forbes' list of highest-paid actresses in 2019, is arguably the ultimate definition of an A-lister. This is likely not lost on her, as Johansson even joked about not needing Jost's paycheck during a "Saturday Night Live" appearance (via YouTube).

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When Jost appeared on "Beat Bobby Flay" with Carla Hall, he took a verbal beating from Bobby Flay, who said, "When you say you're married to Scarlett Johansson, it's kind of like so incredible. It's like nobody can actually believe it," per People. Hall inferred that Flay was saying Jost had "married up." As cutting as the statement sounds, it was part of a good-natured exchange. Flay turned the heat up even more when he recalled a Facetime conversation where Johansson spilled the beans about one of Jost's alleged four-day pie-making debacles, reminding him of his "zesty" Thanksgiving creation. Jost gladly took it on the chin.

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