Entertainment: cabaret artist Mittermeier finds vegan sausages good

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cabaret artist Michael Mittermeier (56) vegan white sausages is progressive. «It is good that nutrition changes. Whether this is the vegan white sausage or a vegan "meat" planter, it is a gain, "he told the German press agency at the" Almauftrieb "of the prominence in the beetle festival at the Oktoberfest.

Der Comedian Michael Mittermeier und seine Frau Gudrun feiern beim «Almauftrieb» im Käfer-Zelt auf dem Oktoberfest. © Felix Hörhager/dpa The comedian Michael Mittermeier and his wife Gudrun celebrate at the "Almauftrieb" in the beetle tent at the Oktoberfest.

«The mix does it. I am meat eaters, I will not be able to stop it, but I too are more conscious about it. That is a first step. " Such debates should not be defined. Discussions in black and white made no sense. "It's good if something changes."

is traditionally consumed at the Oktoberfest, the most popular are the Hendl. In the meantime, however, there are also vegan food in some beer tents.

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