Entertainment: From 'House of The Dragon' to 'Joey': Five TV Spin-Offs That Worked and Five That Didn't

How Dragon Age Dreadwolf Could Improve On Inquisition’s Origins

  How Dragon Age Dreadwolf Could Improve On Inquisition’s Origins Some players didn't like the Origins in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but there are ways that BioWare could improve them in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.While Origins were present in both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age Inquisition, each game tackled them in very different ways, and some felt Inquisition’s Origins left much to be desired. Still, the original game’s fully playable prologues also represent a significant investment of time and money that developers might not consider worthwhile. Nevertheless, there are ways that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf might improve on Inquisition’s Origins without breaking the bank.

Spin-offs are all the rage at the moment. It doesn't matter whether it's the big or the small screen; fans are desperate to return to their favorite worlds and characters. The Amazon Prime series The Rings of Power is currently transporting fans back to Middle Earth and became Amazon's most-watched premiere with twenty-five million viewers.

  From 'House of The Dragon' to 'Joey': Five TV Spin-Offs That Worked and Five That Didn't © Provided by Collider

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Not every spin-off is a success, though; the Spider-Man spin-off Morbius tanked at the box office while underwhelming fans and critics alike. And that's how it works. For every massive hit like House of the Dragon, there's a flop like Joey.

Torture tracks: Songs that have been weaponized

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'House of the Dragon' — Hit

Though years have passed, many fans still haven't come to terms with the disappointment that was the final season of Game of Thrones. It was unclear if fans would take to the high-budget spin-off, House of the Dragon, but they did with open arms.

The premiere broke viewership records in the UK and was quickly picked up for a second season. The popular spin-off contains everything that made Game of Thrones such a hit: cringe-inducing violence, relentless betrayals and questions of whom to trust, and most importantly, dragons. All the signs point to this fiery hit being around for many more years to come.

'Joey' — Miss

Given the mammoth success of FRIENDS, a spin-off was inevitable, and of all the beloved characters in the show, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was the most sensible option to base the series around. A successful actor usually lives in L.A., which makes Joey's decision to move away from New York and his friends fairly self-explanatory.

At Last, Vhagar Makes Our Balerion Dreams Come True (& Then Some)

  At Last, Vhagar Makes Our Balerion Dreams Come True (& Then Some) Balerion the Black Dread is dead in House of the Dragon but Vhagar has finally debuted and shows us what the might of the Targaryens really is.Vhagar is the oldest, largest, and most powerful dragon in House of the Dragon's era. Vhagar is the last survivor of the three dragons owned by Aegon the Conqueror when he united the Seven Kingdoms a century before. During Aegon's Conquest, his sister-wife Queen Visenya rode Vhagar, while he commanded the even larger and more powerful dragon, Balerion the Black Dread. Before Laena claimed her, Vhagar's previous rider was Prince Baelon Targaryen during the reign of Viserys' predecessor, King Jaehaerys I.

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Joey struggles straight out of the gates. It could not capture the wit and natural charm of FRIENDS, and the rest of the cast paled compared to the original six. The show aired for two seasons before being abruptly canceled.

'Cobra Kai' — Hit

After the 2010 Karate Kid reboot failed to excite audiences or critics, it seemed that the Karate Kid franchise had been knocked out. Fast-forward twelve years, though, and Cobra Kai is one of Netflix's most popular shows. Now in its fifth season, the series continues the story of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) while also introducing audiences to a new generation of karate superstars.

The popularity of Cobra Kai has not gone unnoticed either, as it was recently announced that a new Karate Kid movie will be hitting theatres in 2024.

At Last, Vhagar Makes Our Balerion Dreams Come True (& Then Some)

  At Last, Vhagar Makes Our Balerion Dreams Come True (& Then Some) Watch the official “Romeo Brings His Baggage to the Beach” clip for the ABC dating reality series Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 1. Bachelor in Paradise Host: Jesse Palmer Bachelor in Paradise Bartender: Wells Adams Stream Bachelor in Paradise now on ABC!

'That '80s Show' — Miss

Excitement is high for the upcoming That '70s Show spin-off, That '90s Show. Most have forgotten, however, the spin-off that came before. That '80s Show, starring It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's own Glenn Howerton, was a bit of a disaster. It failed to recapture any of the rebel spirit and edgy humor that made the original show such a revolutionary hit.

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Given the poor reviews and underwhelming ratings, That '80s Show was canceled after one season, airing just thirteen episodes.

'The Flash' — Hit

Though it appears to be winding down, the Arrowverse has been an enormous hit for the CW. The Flash was the first show to spin off from Arrow. It released its first season way back in 2014, and many fans have been left disappointed by the announcement that the show will end with its upcoming ninth season.

The show covered many of the most interesting runs from the comics, including Flashpoint, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Invasion! Grant Gustin was an excellent Barry Allen, boosted by an exceptional supporting cast including Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, and Jesse L. Martin.

Every Video Game Project From Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama, Ranked

  Every Video Game Project From Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama, Ranked Akira Toriyama's art has been a part of video games for decades. When he contributes to a game, fans know it'll be something special.It's no surprise, though, as Toriyama's art has been a part of video games for decades. Computers have had plenty of time to adapt to his sensibilities. Some games even do it beautifully, pulling it off with style in aplomb. When Toriyama contributes to a game, audiences know it'll be something special.

'Baywatch Nights' — Miss

Baywatch Nights is perhaps one of the strangest TV spin-offs ever. David Hasselhoff's Mitch Buchannon returns, only now he's moonlighting as a private investigator alongside two of his friends. Giving Buchannon an utterly new career was an odd choice, and things only got stranger in the second season.

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Without warning, the second season shifted towards supernatural horror cases, and, unsurprisingly, the show was not picked up for a third season.

'Better Call Saul' — Hit

Creating a series that exists in the world of Breaking Bad that can stand on its own two feet and match the quality of Breaking Bad was a near impossible task, which makes the incredible success of Better Call Saul even more impressive. The series, which recently aired its sixth and final season, followed the trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) before he became Saul Goodman.

The series built on the lore of Breaking Bad without ever leaning too heavily into it, allowing Jimmy McGill to stand on his own instead of hiding in the shadow of Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

'The Glee Project' — Miss

Glee was a huge hit that ran for six seasons and won six Emmys. A spin-off was inevitable, but the direction the studio opted to go in baffled fans. Rather than create a new original story, The Glee Project was a singing competition that offered the winner a seven-episode arc on Glee.

Dragon Ball: How The Breakers Connects to Xenoverse

  Dragon Ball: How The Breakers Connects to Xenoverse The developers of Dragon Ball: The Breakers announced that the game will be connected to the popular Xenoverse games. What are the details?Naturally, there have been a few final announcements made about the game in anticipation of the fast-approaching release date. What is perhaps the most surprising of these is the reveal that The Breakers will actually take place in the same timeline as the popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. As the Xenoverse series has a strong, determined following, fans will likely want to know more about the connection between the two universes, so here are further details.

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Of course, singing competitions are a dime a dozen, and The Glee Project failed to cut through the competition despite its unusual prize offering. Only two seasons were aired before the show was canceled.

'Frasier' — Hit

On the back of the enormous success of Cheers, Frasier arrived to continue the story of Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer). Following his divorce, Frasier returned home to live with his elderly father. The odd-couple aspect of the show delighted fans, as did the close relationship between the two and Frasier's brother.

As a result of the popularity of both Cheers and Frasier, Grammer played the beloved character for over two decades. Much to the delight of fans, he will soon be returning to the role in the upcoming Frasier revival series.

'The Cleveland Show' — Miss

Despite running for four seasons, The Cleveland Show never managed to live up to its potential. The show followed Cleveland Brown, a beloved Family Guy character, who returns to his childhood sweetheart to start a new life. Though the show introduced a handful of new, hilarious characters, it failed to match the manic, zany energy of Family Guy.

After four years away, Cleveland and his new family returned to Spooner St. Thankfully, Cleveland can still be seen on Family Guy, which has managed to stay relevant over all these years.

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Why Rhaenyra & Daemon Aren't In House Of The Dragon Ep 9 (Where They Are) .
Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen are absent from House of the Dragon's episode "The Green Council," but they'll be the main focus of the season 1 finale.While House of the Dragon episode 9 is the first episode without Rhaenyra and Daemon, it was important story-wise that “The Green Council” focus solely on the actions of its title conspirators. Additionally, House of the Dragon episode 9 takes place entirely in King’s Landing, with those present in the city being the only characters featured in the chaos.

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