Entertainment: Netflix Shoots Entire Season Of New Show & Cancels It

The #1 Netflix show in the world right now is getting trashed by critics

  The #1 Netflix show in the world right now is getting trashed by critics Critics and fans, a recent Bloomberg headline declared, have never disagreed more about movies. While that’s certainly true and we’re seeing that disparity over and over again these days, especially with Netflix titles like The Gray Man, the same is true for streaming TV shows, as well. And it’s not just a mismatch between what critics and viewers say. There’s also a bit of a chasm between what viewers say … and what those same viewers actually do. Case in point? Look no further than the newly released Netflix series Echoes.

Netflix scrapped their upcoming series Grendel despite having already shot the entire season. Grendel originated as a series of comic books by Matt Wagner. Although when the series began in 1982, it was originally published by Comico, Dark Horse has been publishing the series since taking over after Comico declared bankruptcy. Grendel is the mantle of author Hunter Rose, who puts on a mask for his nightly exploits as an assassin and crime lord. Over the years, Grendel has grown in popularity, even being featured in a 1993 crossover with Batman.

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Netflix's eight-episode Grendel was the first attempt to bring the character and his world into live-action. The series was originally announced in September 2021, with Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb attached as showrunner. Abubakr Ali was cast in the title role, joined by Kevin Corrigan as Barry Palumbo, Julian Black Antelope as Argent, Emma Ho as Stacy Palumbo, and The Flash alum Andy Mientus as Larry Stohler.

Critics and viewers agree: The #1 Netflix movie and #1 TV show are both awful

  Critics and viewers agree: The #1 Netflix movie and #1 TV show are both awful Kevin Hart, in one project after another for Netflix, has consistently guaranteed one of the most precious commodities for the streaming service: An influx of viewer attention. His latest, for example, is Me Time, a comedic romp in which he stars with Mark Wahlberg playing his once-upon-a-time best friend. Critics hate it. Viewers are trashing it.Today's Top Deals#1 best-selling Beckham Hotel bed pillows are 46% off (107,000 5-star reviews)AirPods Pro deal: Amazon has the lowest price of the summer!This special page has all of Amazon's deepest discounts! And yet, the movie is #1 on Netflix in the US right now.

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Deadline reported that Netflix had made the decision not to move forward with Grendel. While they have pulled the series, they have given the producers the option to shop the show around and find a new home. However, another wrinkle to the story arrived thanks to an Instagram post from Mientus. When lamenting the show's cancelation, he revealed that they shot "shot not just a pilot, not just a few episodes, but an entire season." Check out Mientus' post above

Could Grendel be Picked up by A Different Platform?

While it's an unusual situation, it isn't unheard of for shows to switch networks while in the late stages of development. Previous examples include Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was originally developed by NBC. It would be entirely possible for Grendel to be picked up at another network or streaming platform, thanks to Netflix's deal with the producers. Considering the fact that Grendel is a comic book property, it would likely be able to find a home on another platform with an established history of superhero adaptations. While HBO Max likely isn't taking on new scripted series at the moment and Disney+ focuses more or less exclusively on MCU properties, platforms including Prime Video (which owns the universe of The Boys) and Paramount+ (which just premiered the original superhero comedy Secret Headquarters) could potentially be good fits.

The new Netflix legal drama that’s on the Top 10 TV show list in 58 countries

  The new Netflix legal drama that’s on the Top 10 TV show list in 58 countries For two weeks now following its debut on the streamer on August 26, the Netflix legal drama Partner Track has claimed a spot on the platform’s weekly global Top 10 TV ranking. The show debuted to less-than-stellar reviews from critics and viewers (56% and 51% scores on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively), but the viewership data nonetheless tells a different story. Because not only has the show, starring Arden Cho as a first-generation Korean American and the first lawyer in her family, garnered enough attention from viewers to make it a Top 10 Netflix show worldwide, for two consecutive weeks now.

However, one thing that is unclear is how far Grendel season 1 got into post-production. Although the season is in the can, it might not have fully completed visual effects and editing. This could potentially cost a pretty penny to whoever picks up the show, in addition to publicity and advertising costs. Considering the fact that the show has already been written and shot, it would still be a relative steal for another company to pick up the season and see how it's received by audiences before deciding whether or not to renew it.

Source: Deadline & Andy Mientus

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