Entertainment: She-Hulk Episode 7 Explosive Twist Ending Explained

She-Hulk Scene With Hulk & Abomination May Not Make Marvel Show

  She-Hulk Scene With Hulk & Abomination May Not Make Marvel Show Mark Ruffalo's Hulk and Tim Roth's Abomination filmed scenes for Marvel's She-Hulk that may not have made the final cut of the episodes.2008's The Incredible Hulk has been debated in terms of its place in the MCU due to Norton being recast for 2012's The Avengers, which saw the introduction of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. However, She-Hulk has made it clearer than ever that the 2008 film is an integral part of the MCU due to the show's references to the movie. One scene in She-Hulk featured Ruffalo's Hulk making a reference to Norton, and Tim Roth was re-introduced as Blonsky, complex history with Hulk and all, in episode 2.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 7.

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The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 7 twist ending looks set to have significant consequences for Jennifer Walters going forward. While Jen spends the majority of this episode growing and truly reconciling with her newer, greener half, the end of the episode reveals why the new guy in her life Josh decided to ghost her. As a result, dark forces now have She-Hulk's gamma-irradiated blood, something Bruce Banner's Smart Hulk adamantly said couldn't happen.

Who Josh Is Working For

In the She-Hulk episode 7 ending, the final scene flashes back to the night when Josh slept over. Not only did he copy the contents of her phone onto his own, but he also took a picture of her sleeping. Josh then sends a series of emojis to HulkKing confirming that he stole She-Hulk's blood. HulkKing is the same user moderating the Cancel She-Hulk page on the Intelligencia website as seen in She-Hulk episode 6. As a result, it's become tragically clear that dating She-Hulk was all an act and that Josh has been working for HulkKing the entire time, ever since he met Jen at the wedding (whoever HulkKing may be).

Hulk's Coolest Costume Is The Perfect Way To Reinvent Him In The MCU

  Hulk's Coolest Costume Is The Perfect Way To Reinvent Him In The MCU The Hulk has the perfect costume to reinvent him in the MCU, as one of his most iconic Marvel Comics' looks is begging to become official canon.Bruce Banner's most iconic form of the Hulk is the green rage monster that's appeared relatively unchanged during his most of his comic storylines. However, the Hulk has been given several personas over the years in the pages of Marvel Comics, from Doc Green's Professor Hulk, Hulk's recent Devil Hulk form in Immortal Hulk, and perhaps most famously, his Joe Fixit persona. With a gangster redesign and costume in his grey form, the most surprising version of the Hulk is begging to become canon in the MCU.

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What She-Hulk’s Villain Will Do With Her Blood

Considering this mysterious villain's username and their connection to Intelligencia, it's very likely that this new foe wants to get She-Hulk's blood to either become a new Hulk or create one they can potentially control (such as the Red Hulk in the comics). As such, the odds are quite strong that the person behind the HulkKing name is either Samuel Sterns (aka The Leader) or Titania. Having been confirmed as the villain for Captain America: New World Order, it wouldn't be surprising if She-Hulk was laying the groundwork for the Leader's MCU return. Gaining a supergenius intellect after his brain was exposed to Banner's blood in The Incredible Hulk, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that the Leader and HulkKing are one and the same. That being said, Jameela Jamil's Titania has proven herself to be very jealous of She-Hulk and her power which have been stealing her spotlight as a social media influencer. Perhaps she wants to become a Hulk herself in the MCU to get the attention back. Either way, it's become clear that Jennifer Walters' blood has fallen into the wrong hands after the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 7 twist ending.

The Incredible Hulk: How the MCU's Black Sheep Became an Important Part of It's Future

  The Incredible Hulk: How the MCU's Black Sheep Became an Important Part of It's Future The Incredible Hulk has often been an overlooked film in the MCU, but the 2008 movie has now become an important building block for Phases 4 and 5.Due to the lead character of Bruce Banner being recast from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk was positioned as a minor footnote. With Universal Pictures owning the film distribution rights to the Hulk character, Disney and Marvel Studios instead opted to continue the Hulk's story as a supporting player in other movies like the four Avengers films and Thor: Ragnarok, which meant there was no room for the supporting cast of The Incredible Hulk.

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Every Time Marvel Insulted The MCU In She-Hulk .
She-Hulk has been poking fun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk — here's every insult.Some fans are unhappy with She-Hulk's critical sense of humor. Mining the topic on the internet yields countless negative responses to the way the show is referencing some beloved MCU characters. There is the strong sentiment that such heroes as Iron Man, Daredevil, and Captain America are sacrosanct and do not deserve to be mocked, least of all by the studio that owes its success to these characters. Tied into the preciousness of these characters, She-Hulk has also incurred its share of misogynistic rants and social media posts.

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