Entertainment: GZSZ | Yvonne cheats Gerner - and flies up because of cameras!

GZSZ beating dad strikes again: Now Nihat is targeting

 GZSZ beating dad strikes again: Now Nihat is targeting Berlin-the GZSZ drama about beating dad Martin does not want to end. On the contrary: it is now really picking up speed. The crashed lawyer shows his other face again : he leaves his frustration on Nihat. © provided by Tag24 Martin (left) Lilly's dismissions do not want to admit. She is and remains his dream woman. what started with a small flirt, for Lilly, is becoming more and more a nightmare.

yvonne-gerner-trennung-gzsz © Rolf Baumgartner Yvonne-Grenner-separation GZSZ

After the business clate Mir Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi) , Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro) goes to a four-week business in the service of Yvomed. There is a violent discussion about the joint program on his last evening in Berlin.

GZSZ: Yvonnes Plan

Whether the couple to say goodbye, such as Yvonne (Gisa Zach) it wants to watch the hit parade on TV, or enjoy a jazz concert according to JOS, should be clarified in a game of Golf. Yvonne is all the more motivated to win because her husband, as usual, only smiled at the fact that she and Michi (Lars Pape) in the mini golf have celebrated great success in the past.

GZSZ: Worse attack on Moritz!

 GZSZ: Worse attack on Moritz! While Luis (Marc Weinmann) is Austria. His model job at Emilys (Anne Menden) and Sunnys (Valentina Pahde) Label Vleeder-Bag not only brings him 500 euros, but also the chance of the big breakthrough! © Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Moritz GZSZ: Star photographer dredges Moritz to as a star photographer Timothy sees the poster on which Moritz poses with the handbags of the friends, he contacts him via Sunny.

Nevertheless, she has to be able to recognize its skills on the golf course. To be sure to win the game, gets out Yvonne Jo and manipulates the course of his ball. In the end, she goes off the pitch as the winner. But the fraud flies up! In the evening, Jo presents her recordings that the surveillance cameras have recorded on the golf course ...

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GZSZ star Olivia Marei: Again in the hospital after birth! .
Congratulations, Olivia Marei ! In the middle of the week, the GZSZ star gave birth to her second son. © MG RTL D / Bernd Jawowerk GZSZ | Olivia Marei is out on Instagram for a number of pictures she wrote: “An unfiltered (but not all -encompassing) insight into our last days. There was a lot going on - but not only! - for food. Welcome, small redhead! Does his hair keep the color? " how the actress reveals to RTL, her little one was born on October 22nd.

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