Entertainment: Captain America's Most Iconic Rule Has Always Been a Lie

Captain Marvel's Big Avengers Betrayal Proves She's Deadlier Than Thor

  Captain Marvel's Big Avengers Betrayal Proves She's Deadlier Than Thor While Thor has proven to be an insanely deadly Avenger, one Captain Marvel storyline confirms that Carol is an even deadlier member of the team.In Captain Marvel’s “The Last Avengers” story arc by Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is forced to attack her fellow Avengers after the villainous Vox Supreme holds thousands of Kree refugees hostage, threatening to kill them all unless Carol does what he says. Not only does Vox Supreme want Captain Marvel to fight the Avengers, but he orders her to kill them and bring him their corpses so he can drain them of their power for his own villainous purposes.

One of the most notable statements from Captain America may not be as accurate as he once thought. Steve Roger's iconic line from Daredevil's "Born Again" story arc might have made for a good moment, but it flies in the face of who the hero actually is.

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Captain America is many things. Superhero, Avenger, and a friend. But above all else, Steve Rogers is a soldier that has fought to protect the ideals he believes his nation was founded on. Nothing said that more than in the classic Daredevil storyline "Born Again" when Steve discovered the existence of Captain America's dark replacement, Nuke. Despite trying to get answers from the army, Cap was brushed off and told how much his loyalty was appreciated, leading the hero to say that he is loyal to nothing, "except the dream". It was a powerful statement that confirmed Rogers doesn't follow an institution, but an idea.

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  8 Years Later: The Winter Soldier Still Has A Huge Impact On The MCU More than eight years later, Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s impact on the MCU can still be felt – and it goes beyond the Russo Brothers movies.After The First Avenger told a familiar origin story that did not have the same impact as Iron Man, Marvel Studios knew it had to redefine Steve Rogers as a character. In addition, it was clear that the Captain America sequel had to bring something significantly different from the first movie, as not even The Avengers gave Captain America a chance to shine. The choice for Anthony and Joe Russo, whose background was mostly on TV, was unexpected, but it proved to be the right decision.

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However, it seems that this maxim is flawed for an alarming number of reasons. By Rogers' own admission, the dream that he once so boldly allied himself with is something he finds harder and harder to identify as the years go on. In The United States of Captain America #1 by Josh Trujillo, Christopher Cantwell, Dale Eaglesham, and Jan Bazaldua, Steve wonders about the statement he earnestly declared so long ago. Whereas Captain America was once so sure of the idea that he placed his faith and belief in, Steve is now wondering what the "dream" is actually supposed to be. He certainly doesn't think of it as a genuine notion, even saying that in America there can be more than one kind of dream. Even worse, some interpretations of what the dream is, is actually a powerful lie.

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But the discourse around the dream seems to forget something about Captain America. While Steve says otherwise in his original rousing sentiment, Cap is one of the most loyal characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Just look at the devotion Rogers has towards one of his oldest friends, Bucky Barnes, or his fellow Captain America Sam Wilson. Steve has always been a hero who has been willing to fight for his allies, not just alongside them. To say that Captain America is loyal to nothing but the dream ignores the real character of Steve Rogers.

While there are arguments to be made on what the dream of America is or what ideals Captain America aspires to, one thing that’s never been in doubt is Steve Rogers’ personal principles. The man was willing to throw away a victory in during Civil War because of how his actions were hurting average citizens. At one point, Rogers may have been devoted to a strict notion of the American Dream, but it's clear that what truly drives him is the bonds he forges with his allies and the people he's sworn to protect. Though Captain America was once solely loyal to the dream, he's loyal to something much more tangible and concrete now.

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