Entertainment: Sturm der Liebe: Suddenly series exit fans

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"Hope dies last", as the saying goes. But there is sad certainty about this news: "Sturm der Liebe" actress Sophia Schiller turned off!

Sturm der Liebe: Plötzlicher Serien-Ausstieg schockt Fans © ARD / Christof Arnold Sturm der Liebe: Suddenly series exit fans Your series figure Constanze

recently looked after new job perspectives-in England! Apparently she has found her new luck and will go out soon, because Sophia Schiller the Daily Soap returns her back. Only a sad Paul remains behind. particularly hit the farewell to Sophia Schiller: acting college

Sandro Kirtzel

. In an extensive Instagram contribution, the 32-year-old actor expresses his grief for her series exit and his deep gratitude for the time together with "Sturm der Liebe".

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Sturm der Liebe: Emotional farewell via Instagram He writes: “Would like to let the pictures speak for themselves, but would like to lose two or three things about this wonderful person at this point. .

you know that, you start to enjoy what is happening there and then it is over ... Especially the last 5 months of our joint work together make it very easy for me to miss you. Your openness, with which you always amazed me, that you mean what you say, also mean your fire (which can not only warm). ”

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"Sturm der Liebe": double exit - because of a nasty lie?! Don't miss : Secure the hottest deals at Amazon!* Kirtzel on: “Your burning for this craft has sometimes happened to me, yes that can sometimes happen even during the storm. You have often inspired me to see the scenes from a new perspective, so that I can always surprise myself (& hopefully the audience) again and again. Working with you made me better.

Without you I don't know how to keep a cup, how hurt a kick in the diaphragm or that the HAB-Echt position has little to do with the time of half past eight. Nobody ranges with me anymore ... Sven sometimes trying but it is not as strong as you! Rumadum: Without you it is silent & a bissal colorless on the set, Füchlein! ”

Finally, the actor writes:“

Everything that remains is gratitude

”. The post naturally receives numerous heart emojis in the comments. A follower writes: "So beautiful what and how you wrote it" can only be joined. "Sturm der Liebe" runs Monday to Friday at

3:10 p.m.

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