Entertainment: Donald Trump complains against CNN for defamation

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Donald Trump, le 15 décembre 2022, à Las Vegas, aux États-Unis. © Ethan Miller Getty Images North America / AFP Donald Trump, December 15, 2022, in Las Vegas, the United States.

The former President of the United States demands $ 475 million in damages from the American television channel accusing him of slander. The complaint filed refers to the supposed fear of CNN that Donald Trump is a candidate for the presidency in 2024.

The former American president Donald Trump filed a complaint on Monday October 3, 2022 against the CNN chain, accusing him Defaming it because it would fear that he will once again seek the presidency in 2024 and claiming him $ 475 million in damages.

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CNN, one of the main television channels in the United States,

"sought to use its immense influence - allegedly as a source of information of" confidence " - to defame the complainant with his viewers and readers in The goal of defeating him politically ”, according to the text of the complaint filed in Florida.

475 million dollars in damages

“CNN's deterrent campaign, in the form of defamation and slander against the complainant, has only set up in recent months because CNN fears that the complainant will be candidate for the presidency In 2024 ”, according to the same source.

Donald Trump claims $ 475 million in damages.

Throughout his mandate, the former Republican President had an execrable relationship with major media like CNN and the New York Times, which he baptized Media

"Fake News" (false information). He regularly unleashed against them on Twitter, from where he was from Banni.

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