Entertainment: AWZ drama: Next villain returns to Essen!

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from one villain to another! The stone kamps have to feel constantly threatened at "Everything that counts". At the beginning of the year it was Caroline (Sina-Valeska Jung), then it was Frank Giese (Erol Sander) and now the next bad role is returning.

boesewicht-rueckkehr-awz © RTL Boesewicht-Rueckehr-AWZ AWZ: Jill is back fans will remember: A few weeks ago, Chiara (Alexandra Fonsatti) found a dubious friend in

Jill (Sina Zadra). The fitness fanatic wanted to drive Chiara to top performance with her hard program and strict nutrition plan.

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AWZ: Successor of Ben is certain!

AWZ final: Frank Giese dies the serial death! Do not miss : Now secure the hottest deals at Amazon!* The opposite was the case: the figure skater became weaker and weaker and even died in a bathing accident. And even now the wrong training still has consequences for the athlete who is not allowed to train properly due to a leg injury.

is added that Jill just dropped her good friend when she noticed that she has no advantages through Chiara. So it is clear that the figure skater doesn't want to have anything more to do with her former coach.

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This reacts to Jill's return

, but now Jill suddenly returns to Essen, as the RTL preview reveals. Sina Zadra will be seen again next week in her role. The preview states that Chiara is completely thrown off the track by Jill's appearance.

Then she takes a step towards Jill to be amazed at Leyla (Suri Abbassi). So would Chiara really be friends with the influencer again after everything? You can see what is behind it in the coming week. If you already want to know how to proceed with AWZ,

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