Entertainment: Airport Leipzig/Halle extends night protection area

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The Leipzig/Halle Airport is expanding its night protection area in the south and west. The reason for this is changes in the noise pollution that had been determined in the prescribed regular review, said Airport spokesman Uwe Schuharart on Wednesday. Local residents in the a few hundred meters wide stripes are now entitled to passive soundproofing measures.

Ein Flugzeug setzt zum Landeanflug an. © Boris Roessler/dpa/Symbol image An aircraft starts to approach the landing.

The night protection area has so far comprised an area of ​​256 square kilometers. Now 11.42 square kilometers are to be added in Saxony-Anhalt and 1.14 square kilometers in Saxony. How many property owners are affected was initially open. The type of sound insulation must be checked individually by an engineering office for each building, said Schuhart.

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