Entertainment: Star Academy: The ex-vocal coach Richard Cross reveals his favorites and says what he thinks of the new teachers

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Star Academy : l’ex-coach vocal Richard Cross dévoile ses coups de cœur et dit ce qu’il pense des nouveaux profs © Benhamou Laurent/Sipa Star Academy: the ex-vocal coach Richard Cross reveals his blows of Heart and says what he thinks of the new teachers Richard Cross, the former vocal coach of the Star Academy, was in front of his television set to follow the comeback of the tele-hook on TF1. In all frankness, he revealed his first favorites and gave his opinion on the new teaching team.

Some 4.7 million viewers followed the return of the Star Academy to TF1 on October 15. Among them, Richard Cross , the former tele-clochet singing teacher for three seasons, curious to discover the face of the thirteen new candidates and the newly renewed teaching team. First observation for the former vocal coach: " The mechanics are there, there are no big changes with our version of the era", he said during an interview with L'Echo Sarthois . Apart from perhaps the fact that, now, the "young people [...] know how to look at the camera. There is no longer this naivety of the time" . He then agreed to reveal his first favorites and give his frank opinion on the new teachers.

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The favorites of Richard Cross

after the first bonus, which he still found "too long" , Richard Cross has already noticed some candidates who stand out, according to him. It is Ahcène, which has also narrowly escaped this week , Anisha and Louis . " Anisha [...] it's very ambivalent. [...]. Its version of I am sick was very overwhelming. but she put so much energy there that I wonder if she will be able To mobilize it every time on stage. if it maintains this level, it will be a big singer , "he said. This seems to be well started in any case for the young woman who was crowned best student for this first week of competition. As for Louis : "He did not particularly upset me by this fragile voice, but rather by the interpretation of another world . he made a version of his, this personal dimension Plu. He's an artist, a real , "said Richard Cross.

His opinion decided on new teachers

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