Entertainment: 15 Lesser Known Facts About J-Lo And Shakira's Relationship

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Way back when, before J-Lo made it around the block, she released a single called "Let's Get Loud." Loud was an understatement more than two decades later, when she shook up the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage in 2020, inspiring an infinite amount of conversation among countless demographics, IRL and on the Internet!

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While Jenny commanded the stage, she didn't hold the world's attention for much longer than the fifteen-minute Halftime show, and Shakira stood by her side. Shakira is one of the biggest Latina powerhouses in the music industry and has been a superstar mainstay for many years. Not only did Shakira and Jennifer deliver a sizzling performance that sent tongues wagging (including Shakira's tongue!), these ladies are friends offstage as well; Their friendship isn't just for show.

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Shakira has always said that "hips don't lie" ...And neither does her friendship! Here are fifteen little-known facts about their behind-the-scenes friendship.

Updated on October 26, 2022: Since the initial release of this article in 2020, Jennifer Lopez has opened up about her regrets regarding performing with Shakira. JLo's documentary Halftime hit Netflix in June of this year and exposed just how much stress the women were under. Lopez called the Halftime Show performance the "worst idea in the world," as there's usually only one headliner that covers the fifteen-minute slot.

There Is No Faulty Friendship Between Them

When you have two strong and dynamic women in the picture, it makes sense there would be whispers about cat fights. Fear not - there is no bad blood between these Latina ladies!

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Shakira and Jennifer were faced with rumors concerning their friendship; So many were wondering if the status between them was anything but peachy. The truth is that these ladies have nothing but love for one another.

Shakira Shimmied Her Way Into The Performance

Take a moment to imagine Shakira and J-Lo's iconic Super Bowl performance without Shakira behind the drum kit or rocking out on the electric guitar. It's also hard to imagine the performance without Shakira's now-legendary tongue wag for the camera!

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Nobody wants to imagine the show without Shakira, but it was almost a reality! J-Lo's dancer, who was featured in the performance, revealed that Shakira "got brought in at the last minute!"

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The Duo Got Gushy Over Social Media

As the song says, it takes two to make a thing go right; Shakira and J-Lo know this to be true!

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The gals proved their friendship was real and not just for show when they shared their mutual excitement on social media following the announcement that they would collaborate for the 2020 Halftime show. Both J-Lo and Shakira shared photos on Instagram to celebrate!

Shakira And J-Lo Found Perfection In Planning

The world continued talking about how life-changing and historic the performance was long after the show concluded!

Shakira and J-Lo's performance wasn't an ordinary spectacle. There were so many details that made it special, and we have both J-Lo and Shakira to thank for that! Both performers clicked so well - they were able to cultivate a vision for their performance that was strong enough to please almost everyone.

The Friends Feel Fabulous About Their Creative Endeavors

Shakira and Lopez's creative vision for the Halftime show was incredibly easy to put into place, not only because of their friendship but also because they admire each other professionally!

Jennifer knew she had the perfect partner for the show. According to People, J-Lo shared, "There's nobody like her so I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand..."

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Hugs Don't Lie

Popstars have such an adrenaline rush before they get on stage while on tour, but the excitement Shakira and J-Lo felt before the Superbowl performance seemed so much stronger!

J-Lo's pre-show routine involved drumming up public anticipation by sharing a photo of her embracing her friend, Shakira. She showed her excitement by adding a sweet caption for Shakira.

Energy Fuels Their Friendship

One of the biggest components of J-Lo and Shakira's friendship dynamic is the energy that appears when the duo come together! They are all smiles and so happy while hanging out, and both ladies wanted to make sure that their friendship vibe translated into their Super Bowl performance.

J-Lo and Shakira credit their cultural roots as a component. J-Lo described their performance energy as "entertaining" and "heartwarming."

The Duo Honor Their Loved Ones

Heartbreaking realities of life were an influence on both Jennifer and Shakira. Both ladies were touched by basketball hero Kobe Bryant's sudden in January 2020. The tragic events surrounding his passing were strong enough to influence their Super Bowl performance.

Bryant's passing was especially tough for Jennifer, as her fiancé at the time (Alex Rodriguez), was close to him! So tragic.

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The Gals Love A Good Workflow

Curious about what J-Lo and Shakira bonded over? It may sound odd, but these gals loved to work hard together to ensure that everyone around the world was dazzled by their iconic performance.

J-Lo knew she would have the experience of a lifetime alongside Shakira after she saw her on stage! Of the experience, J-Lo said, "When I saw her show I knew she felt the same."

J-Lo And Shakira Are Supportive Sisters Forever

Shakira and J-Lo's Super Bowl performance was so electrifying, to the point where it not only delighted the public, but the ladies themselves! Jennifer and Shakira were over the moon about the finished product.

The singers were both riding high after the show, and their friendship was on full display for the world to see, especially when J-Lo captioned an Instagram photo of the duo featuring several supportive hashtags.

Gal Pals Stick Together Through Controversy

While J-Lo and Shakira's performance was destined to become one of the most memorable performances in Super Bowl Halftime Show history, spectators were vocal when it came to commenting on the attire of the two ladies, as well as their moves.

Critics of the performance were quick to flood the Internet with concerns that the show didn't exactly fit the "PG-13" category.

The noise has had no impact on their friendship, though, as they rose above and chose to ignore it!

Their Collaboration Was A Birthday Gift

What better birthday present could a woman receive than ruling the stage in front of adoring fans alongside a close pal? Shakira might tell you that she had the best birthday ever!

Shakira and Gerard Piqué found an agreement for the sale of their manor

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Yes, Shakira's birthday happened to coincide with the famous Super Bowl performance. She was delighted with its reception, later thanking fans for helping to make her birthday so special.

The Gals Swapped Lifestyle Tips

In response to Shakira and J-Lo's stunning performance, jaws dropped for many reasons. Many admired how both ladies were able to be in such amazing shape for the performance. As it turns out, getting camera-ready for the show was a collaborative effort for the gals!

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Both Shakira and J-Lo were eager to work alongside each other while they "trained for weeks!"

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Praise For Their Friendship Came Around The Block

Not only were Shakira and J-Lo influenced by the support they provided to one another throughout the experience of making the Super Bowl performance a reality, fellow celebs (and personal friends!) were also struck by the ladies' onstage dynamic.

Many celebs were quick to head to social media after the performance, sending out congratulatory words of praise to the hardworking duo.

There Was No Bang For Their Buck

Shakira and J-Lo might have needed a girls' night after an unfair side effect of their game-changing performance: they were both paid pittances for their performance.

All of their fancy footwork and powerhouse vocals were essentially "done for free," according to the New York Post. This practice is a relatively normal one for the network, the publication went on to add.

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Shakira, Gerard Piqué, and his parents attend their son Milan’s soccer game .

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