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Entertainment: Jennifer Aniston Rocks Natural Curls While Letting Her Hair ‘Air Dry’ In Gorgeous New Video

Jennifer Aniston's Hummus Is Getting Sky-High Praise From Kathy Najimy

  Jennifer Aniston's Hummus Is Getting Sky-High Praise From Kathy Najimy Though Jennifer Aniston usually doesn't tout her culinary skills, she was in talks to write a cookbook. Now she is being lauded for her hummus recipe by Najimy.One of the most common occurrences, while people were quarantined in place, was to begin offering cooking advice online. This was especially common among celebrities. Idris and Sabrina Elba offered some kitchen tips, according to the Daily Star, even while Jennifer Garner's "Pretend Cooking Show" provided not only food but a warm, grounded sensibility to people on Instagram. During this same time, Jennifer Aniston was dipping her toe into the celebrity cooking world.

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‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston let her natural curls flow in a new chic hair tutorial for her beauty brand, LolaVie, via Instagram on Nov. 2.

Jennifer Aniston, 53, truly continues to get more gorgeous with age. The Friends actress took to Instagram on Nov. 2 to show off her natural blonde waves for a hair tutorial. Jennifer created the video to promote her haircare brand, LolaVie, which includes a plethora of products one needs to achieve Hollywood hair. “Air dry and a little bit of @lolavie,” the star captioned the stunning clip. While filming herself getting ready to take on the day, Jennifer rocked a cozy black robe, a gold ring, and chic gold hoop earrings. The 53-year-old also made sure to highlight the product she was using, LolaVie’s Lightweight Hair Oil.

Jennifer Lawrence Pushes Son Cy, 7 Months, In Stroller Around NYC: Photos

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Since Jennifer posted the video of her natural tresses, many of her celebrity friends and fans have taken to the comments section to compliment her. “You are the most natural stunning goddess,” actress Jenna Dewan, 41, wrote. Even Vine star Hannah Stocking, 30, couldn’t help but share her love for LolaVie. “The best hair products of all time,” she commented. One of Jennifer’s fans also chimed in and added, “Omg i [sic] love you so much! I am obsessed with your hair! Love love love yoooouu [sic].”

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This is not the first time that The Morning Show actress did a hair tutorial video, as she has been busy promoting her new brand since 2021. The hair oil that she used on Wednesday was released in June, and the blonde bombshell took to the brand’s Instagram to talk about how she uses it. “I also mix it with my leave-in conditioner, that works really well,” Jennifer began. “Sometimes I mix all three, sometimes its next-day hair, there’s just a lot of options.”

The Emmy-winning actress, who made “The Rachel” an iconic haircut of the 1990s, opened up to Forbes about her new beauty brand on Sept. 8. Jennifer told the outlet how successful LolaVie has been after just launching last year. “Well, we’ve had such an incredible reaction from our consumers, so that’s probably the most satisfying,” she shared. “We won eight beauty awards and we had multiple five-star reviews and it just feels that the work we put into this product and the time we took, all of these products, has paid off.”

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She also revealed that many of her own friends use the products and keep coming back for more. “We have a lot of return consumers that keep coming back for more. I have girlfriends that want our bottles to be bigger because they go through them so fast because they’re using them on their hair and their kids’ hair. We’ve had an incredible response and it was worth every second of it!”, the movie star added.

And when Jennifer isn’t busy running her haircare empire, she continues to work on the set of the hit AppleTV series, The Morning Show. She even shared a behind-the-scenes carousel of photos to update fans on Season 3 filming on Oct. 7. “Almost halfway through filming season 3 of @themorningshow show Sneak peek,” she captioned the post. Her costar, Reese Witherspoon, 46, commented on the post to joke about the filming schedule. “Wait … are we really???,” the Legally Blonde star penned. Many outlets reported that although the third installment of the show doesn’t have an official release date, it is likely to premiere sometime this fall.

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