Entertainment: after a long back and forth: ZDF shows painted "dream ship" episode with Luke Mockridge this year

The last ZDF television garden: Kiwi receives folk rocker, hip-hoper and a Tikok singer

 The last ZDF television garden: Kiwi receives folk rocker, hip-hoper and a Tikok singer Mainz/Erfurt-If the " ZDF television garden " is broadcast tomorrow from 12 p.m. Finally ended for all fans of the infamous TV show with Andrea "Kiwi" Kiewel (57). The program on October 16 is the "Aller, All last television garden", the moderator revealed in the show a week ago. © provided by Tag24 The former performance swimmer Andrea "Kiwi" Kiewel (57) has been a moderator for many years through the Sunday "ZDF television garden".

Köln- The comedian Luke Mockridge (33) did not take place on television. He retired what had to do with the scandal about himself. A "dream ship" episode was also deleted at short notice. But now it should be broadcast.

Luke Mockridge (33) soll in der Folge vom © Henning Kaiser/dpa Luke Mockridge (33) is supposed to play a cook from the "dream ship". Henning Kaiser/dpa

Before the abuse clate, which Mockridge faced each other last year, it was said by the ZDF, Florian Silbereisen (41) "always trying to commit new, exciting people" in order to " Dauna "dust".

and so the fans calculated in December 2021 with a trip to the Maldives. However, this was withdrawn without further ado and it went to Scandinavia.

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as T-Online reports, Mockridge had a guest role in the Maldives episode and should slip into the role of a cook. But then the comedian was accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend and he disappeared from the public. At that time it was said from broadcasting circles: "The episode is completed and will be broadcast at a later date."

a year later it is said to be so far. According to "T-Online", the episode is to be broadcast on the second Christmas day.

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