Entertainment: "Bergdoktor" season 16: This is known about the action!

"Bergdoktor": This reveals wedding in season 16?

 It should be a lavish festival and the icing on the cake of your love: Annes and Martin's wedding. After their engagement in season 13, it should finally be so far in season 14 and the two step in front of the altar, but everything turned out differently on their big day. Martin received the news that Franziska and her unborn child had had an accident, and so the Alpine doctor fell away to look for the right, while his fast-batch was left in the wedding dress on the Gruberhof.

we no longer have to be patient, then the first episode of the new "Bergdoktor" season finally flickers over the screens! On December 29, it should start at ZDF at 8:15 p.m. and then an episode on Thursdays. And if you can no longer expect it, you even have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the new stories, because from December 22nd, episode 1 should be available in the broadcaster's media library.

ZDF überrascht mit © ZDF/Erika Hauri ZDF surprised with "Bergdoktor" season 16: All information about the action!

But what can we expect? How will Martin go after Anne separated from him and Franziska broke up to New York with son Johann? Does Lilli decide to study medicine after the separation from Robert? What is Linns and Paul's disagreement? And what will become of the Gruberhof? Questions about questions that have to be answered in season 16!

and that's not all: the ZDF has already made it public that an unusual visit to the Gruber family - and it should ensure a roller coaster of feelings! And last but not least, the actors have already delivered a few clues inside that suggest a lot to the action. We have compiled what these are and what information about the new "Bergdoktor" relay in a video:

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