Entertainment: Here it all starts (TF1): Eliott witnesses a shocking scene ... What will happen in this week's episodes?

15 Best MCU Episodes On Disney+, According To IMDb

  15 Best MCU Episodes On Disney+, According To IMDb Over the past two years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered plenty of Disney+ exclusive episodes, but which are the best ones so far?Beginning with WandaVision, the MCU has released seven original series to Disney+ over the last two years. While fans have been enthusiastic regarding each of these miniseries, certain episodes have proven to be worthy of particular praise.

Monday November 21, episode 535: A student returns to the Institute. For his part, David gets up against a client. Teyssier puts Vic on an ejecting seat.

Tuesday November 22, episode 536: Greg has a unpleasant surprise. Vic receives a boost from a friend / enemy. In the kitchen, it's the cold shower for Louis.

Wednesday, November 23, episode 537: it's stupor for Eliott, witness to a shocking scene. When a teyssier is attacked, a counterattack teyssier. In the name of the truth, Vic and Jérémy are ready every time.

Thursday, November 24, episode 538: tension rises from a notch between Greg and Eliott. Salomé surprises Thomas in a very annoying situation. For his part, Clotilde no longer knows who believe.

Tomorrow belongs to us (spoiler): an impossible adoption for Anna and Karim on TF1?

 Tomorrow belongs to us (spoiler): an impossible adoption for Anna and Karim on TF1? © supplied by all TV in the last days of October 2022, Maud Baecker and Samy Gharbi have reinforced their presence in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. Their characters, Anna and Karim, set out to close an adoption request file. To perfect their adoption file, Anna and Karim had to undergo a series of medical examinations. They revealed that the police suffered from excess blood sugar. Chloé's sister ( Ingrid Chauvin ) did not hesitate to have fun with the situation.

Friday November 25: no episode broadcast.

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Tomorrow belongs to us deprogrammed: here is the date of the return of the series on TF1

with Aurélie Pons (Salomé Dekens), Julie Sassét (Anaïs Grimbert), Azize Diabaté (Enzo Lopez), Benjamin Baroche (Emmanuel Teyssier), Elsa Lunghini (Clotilde Armand), Catherine Marchal (Claire Guinot), Nicolas Anselmo (Eliott Prevost), Mikael Mittelstadt (Greg Delobel), Zoï Severin (Jasmine Kasmi), Frédéric Diefenthal (Antoine Myriel), Vanessa Demouy (Rose Latour) (Gaëtan Rivière), Agustin Galiana (Lisandro Inesta), Khaled Alouach (Théo Teyssier), Pola Petrenko (Charlène Teyssier), Fabian Wolfrom (Louis Guinot), Catherine Davydzenka (Hortense Rochemont), Marvin Pellegrino (Mehdi Mabsoute), Claire Romain ( Amber Martin), Axelle Dodier (Kelly Rigaut), Lucien Belvès (Lionnel Lanneau), Sabine Perraud (Constance Teyssier), Kathy Packianathan (Deva Syed), Dembo Camilo (Souleymane Myriel), Rik Kleve (Ethan Cardone), Emma Boulanouar (Samia Naji), Lou Ladegaillerie (Vic Rochemon T), Margaux Aguilar (Billie Coudert), Liam Hellman (David Gauthier), Corentin Pellis (Livio Rossi), Galaad Quenouillère (Jude Bergeret), Sarah-Cheyenne (Elodie Larroudé), Jean-Védas Mata Nzadi (Brice Weber). With the participation of Alexandra Vandernoot (Cardone).

Here it all starts: Monday to Friday, at 6.30 p.m. on TF1. The episodes are also available with 48 hours ahead of the Salto platform.

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