Entertainment: Tag real estate share falls: Day real estate earns a little more - for 2023 declining profits

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awaits Tag Immobilien AG plans not to pay a dividend for the current year in view of the uncertain market environment.

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"Consistent measures are currently required to adequately counter the current uncertainty on the capital markets," explained the company noted in the MDAX . The development of inflation as well as increased increased interest would have an impact in the form of volatile capital markets and difficult to assess investment markets. Against this background,

"Board and Supervisory Board strive to take all measures that are possible and reasonable on their own strength and, regardless of non -predictable market developments," said the Hamburg -based company. In connection with the refinancing measures already implemented for 2023, the company's capital and financing base for the coming years will be placed on a sustainably stable foundation.

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last year the company had distributed 0.93 euros per share to the owners.

Tag Immobilien deserves a little more

Real Estate AG in the third quarter and the first nine months earned more surgically than in the previous year. In view of the uncertain environment, however, the group strokes the dividend for the current year. For 2023, the Hamburg -based company is aiming for declining profits in the MDAX company in view of higher interest payments.

As can be seen from the message, FFO I rose 7 percent in the third quarter to 49.1 million euros. In relation to the first nine months, the code number rose by 6 percent. The FFO I is according to the further information per share in the first nine months of 0.95 euros after 0.94 euros in the pre -year period. The adjusted EBITDA also rose slightly to 178 million euros at the end of September.

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"Against this background, the forecasts for the 2022 financial year for FFO I from 188 to 192 million (1.20 per share) and for FFO II of 247 to 253 million euros (1.58 per share) are confirmed," said the enterprise. The forecasts for 2022 to develop the vacancy rate in the German portfolio as well as for Like-for-like rental growth remained unchanged and should be achieved "at least" at the end of the year.

For the coming year, Tag Immobilien expects an FFO I from 170 to 174 million euros, per share should be 0.98 euros after expected 1.20 euros per share for this year. The FFO II is expected to drop to 240 to 246 million euros next year, and it should be 1.39 to 1.40 per share according to the expected 1.58 euros for this year.

"Above all, the increased interest rates contribute to this development, but we also apply sufficient risk provision with regard to higher maintenance prices and the increased increased energy costs," said Claudia Hoyer, COO of the day.

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Berenberg lowers the destination for day real estate to 11 euros - 'Buy'

The private bank Berenberg has reduced the course for day real estate in view of a deleted dividend from 17.50 to 11.00 euros, but left the classification to "Buy". The nine -month figures of the real estate company had exceeded his estimates somewhat, wrote analyst Kai Klose in a study available on Tuesday. He then only adapted his estimates moderately because the operational development probably stays robust. However, he now assumes that only 45 percent of the operational profit (FFO I) will be distributed as a dividend in the future. The quota was 75 percent in previous years.

On Tuesday, the Real Estate share in Xetra trading at times falls by 3.95 percent to 6.44 euros. In the daily low, it had previously fallen to 5.81 euros. Frankfurt (Dow Jones) / Hamburg (dpa-AfX)

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