Entertainment: Citizens' Geld: traffic lights and Union agree on sanctions

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, so there should be more pressure on civil allowance recipients than the bill so far. Money cuts against helpers should already be possible from the start.

Im Streit über das Bürgergeld zeichnet sich eine Einigung ab zwischen der Ampel-Koalition und der Union. © Christin Klose/dpa In a dispute over the citizens' allowance, an agreement is drawn between the traffic light coalition and the Union. traffic lights and Union agree on sanctions

in the dispute over the citizens' money, an agreement is emerging between the traffic light coalition and the Union. So there should have been more pressure on civil allowance relationships than the bill of Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) has so far provides. Money cuts against 30 percent should be possible from the start if they miss appointments in the job center or do not accept jobs offered, the Union said. This was confirmed from coalition circles.

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"There is a very good view that we can agree on a result in the mediation committee tomorrow, which fully meets the relevant demands of the Union," said the deputy group leader Hermann Gröhe.

On Monday evening, representatives of the traffic lights and the Union had negotiated for four hours in informal preliminary talks. At 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning, an agreement is said to have been reached with which both sides could live. The longest is said to have been disputed to 12 months to shorten the maternity period. This is said to have had a hard time the Greens in particular.

Union pulled together in the federal government and the country and therefore achieved a great success together, said Gröhe.

If the placement committee should agree to the agreements on Wednesday evening, then one could say that the Union has prevailed, said Stephan Stracke, the Union Group's work and socio-political spokesman.

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The countries with the Union participation had temporarily stopped the citizens' allowance in the Federal Council last week, and this Wednesday is to be compromised in the Mediation Committee by the Bundestag and the Federal Council, which could then be decided on Friday in the Federal Council.

The traffic light coalition wanted to introduce a six-month "trust time", in which appointments that were only repeatedly missed at the job center with a maximum cut of money are punished. Up to 30 percent were possible in the old Hartz IV system. This should now also apply in the citizens' allowance, the time of trust is deleted.

also in the so -called gentle assets and in terms of maternity leave should still be tightened in the draft law. Here the coalition wanted to leave helpers much more assets than before. In the first two years, 60,000 euros plus 30,000 for each additional person in the household. Now the maternity period is to be reduced to twelve months with the more generous regulations. The gentle assets are therefore only 40,000 euros instead of 60,000. For each additional person in the household, it would be limited to 15,000 each, a halving compared to the planned 30,000. For example, a family of four would come to 85,000 euros, which they do not have to use before a civil allowance, instead of the 150,000 planned.

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The citizens' allowance is to replace the Hartz IV system for the unemployed in 2023. The job center employees should then spend less time with formalities and more with the care of people. Because most of the long -term unemployed do not have a professional qualification, in the future, for example, catching up for professional qualifications should have a higher priority than the quick mediation in a job. In addition, the control rates should increase, for a single one from 449 euros to 502 euros a month. The Union also has this increase without objections.

Because parts of the reform, in particular the higher payments, should come into force on January 1, the negotiations take place under time pressure. The Federal Employment Agency had already declared that if it should pay more money from January, it must have legal certainty by the end of November, i.e. a new law.

Merz: A traffic light coalition has to go to us "Big step" for citizens' money .
CDU boss Friedrich Merz has confirmed the Union's claims in the event of citizenship money. The CDU/CSU expects the traffic light government to "take a big step towards us" if a common solution should be found, said Merz on Saturday at the Junge Union in Fulda. It is about setting incentives for the quick return to the job market. "This must also be accompanied by sanctions," he said.

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