Entertainment: Scandal or beliefs, the Toulouse library explores medical errors in a documented exhibition

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This exhibition devoted to the dead ends of medicine is held at the Toulouse study and heritage library until January 28, 2023.

  Scandale ou croyances, la bibliothèque de Toulouse explore les erreurs médicales dans une exposition documentée © Fournis By Franceinfo

is an unusual exhibition offered by the Toulouse library, entitled The Impasse de la medicine: it traces certain medical errors that have marked the history of practice, from antiquity to the present day. An essential exhibition for all victims and for all those who wish to learn, to see until January 28, 2023.

The missteps of

medicine from experiments with ancestral beliefs, smoky theories with doubtful remedies, the course shows How during knowledge and research, medicine is made up of trial and error.

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Medicine as a science only dates from the 19th century. Our modern drugs and treatments were preceded by others, some of which turned out to be unnecessary, at worst harmful. "The heart of the exhibition is to show what people have been able to take to heal themselves in the hope of healing and who now with hindsight has no scientific sense," explains Frédéric Gaudet, commissioner of the exposure.

The history of medicine is full of eccentric treatments and practices. In the 12th and 13th century we already find Bézoard. This fabulous stone well known to Harry Potter readers was seems, an excellent anti-venin. It became a remedy capable of fighting small poisoning, colic, epilepsy and even heartache!

Funny medicine

in the 16th century, doctors think that if a plant looks like an organ it can have therapeutic virtues. It is the theory of signatures. Thus, walnut kernels would make it possible to treat headaches, and lily of the valley, while this plant turns out to be highly toxic.

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In the apothecaries, all kinds of drugs are elaborate empirically and imaginary. Thus, the cigarette powder fascinated the doctors to the Middle Ages. It was used to treat urinary disorders and then pulmonary diseases. In the 17th century, it was the frog eggs that were on the rise. Fresh water was extracted from it to soothe redness from the skin and calm the gout pain. And let's go on the recipe for small boiled dogs with turpentine used to cauterize injuries.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the appearance of the X -ray saved many lives and becomes, in spite of himself, a fashion phenomenon. "In the 1920s in the United States, fashion is not to have a lot of hair, so women put their heads in the Trycho System and they lost their hair," explains the expert.


Mediator health scandal, Levothyrox, Thalidomide, Distilbene and more recently Duskine, many molecules are at the heart of health scandals of modern medicine. Thanks to the Marine Martin warning launcher, herself a victim of the effects of Dépakine on her children, the exhibition focuses on this affair. Newspaper articles, medication boxes and documents retrace the fight of families. "It is a great honor for me to have an exhibition and to be able to talk about this health scandal which is my whole life," she explains.

Thanks to its action, Marine Martin obtained from the laboratory the inscription of a pictogram alerting on the dangers of treatment. D Orrency It is indicated on the notice that this antiepileptic prescribed to pregnant women causes serious delays in developments and malformations in children.

"The dead ends of medicine" at the Study and Heritage Library of Toulous E until January 28, 2023. Free entry The opening days of the Library

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