Entertainment: Netflix: A French film has 43 million hours of viewing worldwide in just 10 days

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available on Netflix since November 10, this French action film has made a thunderous start in the world by ranking in the Top 10 most consumed films on the American platform in 78 territories.

  Netflix : Un film français cumule 43 millions d'heures de visionnage dans le monde en seulement 10 jours © ABACA

France holds its new successful franchise. After the unprecedented plebiscite of the first part in 2020 - the film had counted 37 million views in 28 days on Netflix -, the second film of this saga was particularly expected by fans around the world. In just ten small days of operation on the streaming service, " BALL Lost 2 " has already exploded the record launch of its predecessor. According to the hearings revealed by Netflix, the film already displays 43 million hours of viewing according to the data stopped on November 20. This sequel ranks in the top 10 of (non-English) films most consumed in more than 78 countries including Morocco, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain but also in Venezuela, at Panama, in Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Serbia, Turkey, etc.

'Bridgerton' star Adjoa Andoh spoke up about 'color-blind' auditions: 'I delight in my race'

  'Bridgerton' star Adjoa Andoh spoke up about 'color-blind' auditions: 'I delight in my race' The Lady Danbury actor said that she was surprised to get an audition since historical fiction doesn't usually cast Black actors.Andoh plays Lady Danbury in the first two seasons of the hit Netflix series and is set to star in the spinoff series "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

The film's box boosts the figures for the first

part This success does not stop there. The cardboard of "Balle Lost 2" also boosts the performance of the first film. Indeed, over the past four weeks, "lost ball" has almost 20 million hours of viewing worldwide. The feature film directed by Guillaume Pierret ranks 3rd in the last top 10 rendered public by Netflix.

In this second part, the trailer of which was unveiled last week, Lino (Alban Lenoir) and Julia (Stéfi Celma) took over and form the new shock team of the Stups Brigade. Well determined to find the assassins of his brother and his mentor, Lino will continue his hunt and will not let anyone get in his way.

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Andy Dick Sentenced To Jail

  Andy Dick Sentenced To Jail Troubled Star Trek: Voyager actor and controversial comedian Andy Dick is making headlines once again after being sentenced to 90 days in jail. According to the Los Angeles Times, the disgraced star was convicted of sexual battery, which stems from an incident in April 2018 when an Uber driver accused Dick of groping him. The comic will check himself into the Los Angeles County Jail beginning on November 17. As if spending three months behind bars isn't bad enough, Andy Dick was also sentenced to 12 months of summary probation upon his release, and he is required to register as a sex offender.

a third part in preparation

before even knowing the results of the film, Netflix had already formalized the production of A "lost ball 3". "We chained the second directly after the first so the third film will arrive later. For the moment, I am unable to announce something to you, whether it is a start of the script or a film date. We will have to wait a Little, "said Rémi Leautier , one of the film's producers in an interview with Puremedias.com .



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