Entertainment: "It's the truth": Camille Cerf returns to her participation in the daily newspaper of the Star Academy

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Camille Cerf a tenu à faire taire les mauvaises langues suite à sa participation à la quotidienne de la Star Academy. © Starface Camille Cerf wanted to silence the bad tongues following her participation in the daily of the Star Academy.

It is in the daily newspaper of the Star Academy broadcast this Wednesday, November 23, that the students of the TF1 show participated in a private show to sing several titles by going from the anthem of the season to wrote History of Grégory Lemarchal as well as the titles composed by the artists Hoshi, Camélia Jordana, Vitaa, and Slimane. Former Miss France 2015 Camille Camille was present at this event, but some have questioned her statement that she made the express trip from Lille to come. She used her Instagram account and more precisely from her stories this Wednesday, November 23 to explain her presence in the daily life of the Star Academy . " I am in contact with Sony because I had contributed to an album of covers of songs from the North. Since then, regularly, I go to events with them. There, when they saw that I was a fan of the star AC and that there was a showcase, they invited me. I was warned a little at the last moment and so I really went back and forth. I took the Lille train to go In Paris to meet the students. So, that's the truth. For me, it was just a showcase, I didn't even know that there would be little dedications and I did not know that it would be a sequence in The daily newspaper. I think that for their part it was not planned either, but that as the meeting was nice, they put it. "she explained.

"I do not want to do the evaluation": Chris totally demotivated by his duet with Stanislas, he isolates himself from his comrades

 your browser do not support this video this Sunday, October 30, during the live of The Star Academy broadcast on MyTF1 Max, Chris expressed his annoyance in full rehearsal of his duo with Stanislas for the evaluations. Totally demotivated by the challenge of competition, he ended up isolating himself in the garden. On October 15, TF1 kicked off the new season of the Star Academy after 20 years of absence on the screen. The opportunity for viewers to review Nikos Aliagas .

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She also took the opportunity to give her opinion on the academicians. " You know that my favorite from the start, it's Léa, I always like her so much after this meeting and this show case, but there I have a lot of difficulty making a ranking because I love them all now that I met them. They are too endearing and they sing too well in live , "she confessed to her subscribers.


Star Academy: These two candidates decided to live together after the adventure .
© Ampilhac Mireille/Abaca Star Academy: these two candidates decided to live together after the adventure after six weeks of competition, Anisha is the big Winner of the new season of "Star Academy". The 22 -year -old woman obtained a contract with Sony Music Entertainment for her first album and the 100,000 euros promised to the winner. A sum she chose to spend on a good cause . Facing her in the final: Enola, Louis and Léa. Three size candidates who are already in great demand by the press.

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