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Entertainment: Stéphanie by Monaco: Your elder turns 30 - and makes her most beautiful gift

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on November 26, 1992 Louis Ducruet Princess Stéphanie (57) made a mother for the first time. Today, three decades later, the young man celebrates his 30th birthday. An event that the sister of Fürst Albert (64) fulfills with great pride. And an occasion for which Stéphanie certainly reviews once again how much life she gave. Because recently it became official: Your eldest and his wife Marie (29) expect a baby . The year could not have ended with more beautiful news.

Ihr ältester Sohn wird 30 – und macht ihr das schönste Geschenk © SC Pool - Corbis/Corbis Via Getty Images Your eldest son turns 30 - and makes her the most beautiful gift stéphanie from Monaco: Your children are her one & everything

goes to Stéphanie from Monaco also totally in her role as sister of the prince. She is involved with a lot of passion for the continued existence of generations of artists-for example in the circus. Fashion is also one of their great passions - the Monegasium princess always shows top styled on important occasions. But what is much more important for Stéphanie than the applause of the people or the recognition of the public are their loved ones. Her three children Louis, Pauline (28) and Camille (24) are one & everything. How fitting that the family will soon increase - and birthday child Louis will make his mother a grandma.

Stéphanie de Monaco: one of his formerly murdered ex

 Stéphanie de Monaco: one of his formerly murdered ex © Daniel Mihailecu / AFP T Riste New for Stéphanie de Monaco . One of her youthful loves died in dramatic circumstances in the Dominican Republic: Mario Oliver Jutard, 71, with whom she lived a crazy passion in the 1980s, was found assassinated on October 26 in the Balnary town of Las Terrenas, north of the island, where the former businessman owned a villa. According to the Deadline website, it would be a burglary that would have been wrong.

Stéphanie von Monaco is looking forward to her first grandchild

in summer 2019 Stéphanie von Monaco also officially welcomed her daughter -in -law Marie at her wedding with her eldest son Louis in the princely family. The 29-year-old and her loved one had often emphasized in interviews that they would like to want to start offspring and soon with family planning. Shortly before Christmas, her dream of a child has now fulfilled. With a sweet post on Instagram, the couple announced that there would soon be three.

Camille Gottlieb: She is looking forward to becoming an aunt

The anticipation is not only great among the expectant parents, but also with Stéphanie himself. With her nephew Jacques (7) and her niece Gabriella (7) -The twins of Charlène (44) and Albert-the 57-year-old has already gained a lot of experience in infancy. And practice your grandma role. In addition to the grandmother in Spe, Louis' smaller sister Camille also excites her niece or nephew's arrival - the couple has not yet revealed the gender. "I can't wait," Stéphanie's Nesthäkchen commented on the pregnancy certificate on social media. So one thing is certain: Louis's unborn and Marie is already being loved unconditionally!

Albert de Monaco appears on a rare photo with his daughter Jazmin and his son Alexandre, his older children

 Albert de Monaco appears on a rare photo with his daughter Jazmin and his son Alexandre, his older children Albert de Monaco poses with his two older children, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste. The trio shines in New York. Unexpected reunion across the Atlantic. This Thursday 3… unexpected reunion across the Atlantic. This Thursday, November 3, Albert de Monaco and his wife Charlene attended the Princess Grace Awards 2022. A gala evening organized by Princess Grace Foundation-USA, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the death of Grace Kelly.

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