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Entertainment: How do you become a millionaire? 3 reasons why you are none yet

Opinion: What Powerball tells us about the new meaning of wealth

  Opinion: What Powerball tells us about the new meaning of wealth Bill Carter writes that in an era when college kids invent disruptive apps and become billionaires in the blink of an eye, the idea of what constitutes wealth has undergone some serious redefinition: upward.“This thing will never work,” I concluded. “It’s much too easy to win.

you invest in shares, have one business idea after the other, maybe even earn quite well - but how do you become a millionaire?

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For many of us who have a normal job, look at the average CEO millionaire and wonder: "What does what I don't do?" , while others are waiting for a unique business idea. But the fact is that every millionaire has started somewhere on the list of the richest people in the world.

What exactly differentiates between this one percent millardary that made it all by ourselves? According to the financial media website Investopedia, there are actually only three simple things. The portal believes that everyone who wants to become a millionaire must avoid these three things. Because exactly these things are the reason why many people do not succeed in increasing their money, keeping it and simply becoming a millionaire.

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& 3 reasons why you are not yet a millionaire1. You already think you know everything

If you are looking at the billionaires that you probably consider as role models - Bezos, Gates, Buffett, etc. - then you also know how much each of you appreciates reading. Reading extends the horizon and teaches you new things. But if you are convinced that you are the brightest star in the sky, you won't get far. This attitude stops adapting to changes, being innovative and trying out new things - characteristics that actually promote both professional and personal growth.

& 2. You invest without the correct research

Bill Gates is a great supporter of investments. He leads them as the reason that he could increase his wealth, even though he calmed down some time ago. But investments are a double -edged sword. You can let you bleed out as well as lead to a huge outlet. Therefore, it is so important that you think about a hundred times before investing your hard earned money in something. Research is everything - the more you know, the more well -founded your decision can be. Do not overthrow yourself on an idea without finding yourself thoroughly beforehand and obtaining the advice of an expert. Risks are inevitable, but they must be calculated. A single rash decision can lead to you lose everything. (Also exciting: average content Germany: earn more or less? & 3. You give too quickly to

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to just express it: Rome was not built in one day, and Amazon also not. Patience is the be -all and end -all. She can decide whether you have the stuff with the power player or not. The development of a great idea - and a great business plan - requires time and effort. If you treat every setback like the end of the world, it only means that it will ultimately become exactly that: the end of your possibly fantastic idea. Taking your time in an intelligent way is the key to success instead of trying to do everything yesterday. Bill Gates founded Windows in his garage, and Jeff Bezos was constantly criticizing that he changed Amazon's model, but they didn't throw the towel because they knew that they had a strong idea. Be convinced of it and stay persistent. If your idea is really viable and well researched and if you stay long enough, she has a real chance of success.

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