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Entertainment: An app that can do everything: Microsoft is said to have plans for a "super app"

Pete Carroll hints at Russell Wilson ‘resistance’ to key change

  Pete Carroll hints at Russell Wilson ‘resistance’ to key change The Seattle Seahawks have certainly been the winner in the Russell Wilson divorce so far, and coach Pete Carroll dropped another hint as to why that might be. © Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll hinted at resistance from Wilson on a key wrinkle in the team’s offense when speaking Monday. The Seahawks coach said current quarterback Geno Smith has been willing to go off the wristband more, which has helped the offense run smoothly and more efficiently. This did not happen before, according to Carroll, because there was “resistance to that” in the past.

Microsoft Logo Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Logo cover picture

smartphones with Windows have been history for a long time, since then Microsoft has repeatedly tried new approaches to have a strong presence in the mobile area. In this context, Microsoft is said to have considered building an app that can simply do everything - roughly based on the model of Wechat in China.

After your own mobile platform has been abandoned, Microsoft focused on optimizing its mobile apps for iOS and Android, which is generally well done. Products with which Microsoft is traditionally successful, such as Office, also play an important role on these platforms and are indispensable. However, all of these products are coordinated on business customers, but they are also used by private customers, but they are not the primary target group. In recent years,

Insider hints Buccaneers could bring Tom Brady back for 2023 season

  Insider hints Buccaneers could bring Tom Brady back for 2023 season At 45 years old, the debate on when he will or won't retire rages on for Brady.As noted by the Joe Bucs Fan website, Pelissero said while serving as a substitute host on "The Rich Eisen Show" that the future Hall of Famer "looked like Tom Brady" guiding the Buccaneers down the field for a game-winning drive against the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday.

has made many attempts to get one leg on the floor again in the area of ​​purebred consumer solutions. This includes your own news portal start that the EDGE browser is to attract consumer customers through integrated games and shopping functions. In addition, Microsoft had undertaken various attempts to obtain access to the consumer target group through strategic acquisitions and participations. However, neither at Tikord nor Discord and Pinterest were this attempts from success - and these are just the things we know.

As reporting the magazine Theinformation (via Winfuture ), Microsoft is said to have thought about building a multifunctional app based on the model of Wechat in order to bundle all of its offers. News, shopping, communication, web search and more should be brought together in this app under one roof. However, it is unclear whether these ideas resulted in a specific plan that still existed or whether these ambitions were buried again.

10 best rhythm games on Android

  10 best rhythm games on Android nscryption will be available on Nintendo Switch on December 1, 2022. Watch the latest trailer for another look at this card-based game featuring deckbuilding roguelike, escape-room style puzzles and psychological horror elements.

It is understandable that a solution like Wechat, in which many Chinese practically spend their mobile life, must be the moist dream of every capitalist. Elon Musk also dreams of making Twitter the only app that people need so that he can lock them up and exploit them. Maybe one day his coffin really has a shelf, who knows.

As far as Microsoft's plans are concerned, I don't think it can be possible to combine several things of low mobile relevance and thus make them more important. However, it could be exciting if you forge alliances and bring other partners on board, which has been the typical Microsoft approach since Nadella. If the currently well -protected business models of the Apple and Google app are broken up by the regulatory authorities - and this is not so unlikely from the current perspective - then new possibilities are going up here. Microsoft has already considered its own mobile store for Games.

George Pickens has interesting comment about Steelers’ practice .
George Pickens was part of a Georgia team last year that featured one of the best defenses in college football history, and the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver had an interesting way of expressing that this week. © Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens (14) feels practices at Georgia were more intense than the ones he has experienced in his first NFL season. Pickens told reporters on Thursday that he felt practices at Georgia were more intense than the ones he has experienced in his first NFL season.

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