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Entertainment: Nothing for horror fans with claustrophobia: An oppressive German trailer for the sci-fi-mindfuck "Tin Can"

Strange World Isn't the Sci-Fi Animated Action Movie Families Want

  Strange World Isn't the Sci-Fi Animated Action Movie Families Want Strange World's box office failure is an unavoidable sign that creating animated sci-fi action movies geared toward families is just not a great idea. No matter how many times even a heavyweight in the field of kid-friendly animation like Walt Disney Animation Studios tries, there’s a multitude of reasons why families don’t show up. This isn’t to say that these companies should only stick to making movies about singing princesses or yellow corn pops who speak in gibberish.

  Nichts für Horror-Fans mit Klaustrophobie: Beklemmender deutscher Trailer zum Sci-Fi-Mindfuck © Lighthouse Home Entertainment

" Tin Can-caught in the nightmare " plays in a not too distant future. In this, the earth sees itself confronted with a global pandemic. This time it is not a virus to blame for the plague, but a deadly mushroom called "Coral".

The parasite researcher Fret ( Anna Hopkins ) works feverishly on an antidote. Her husband John ( Simon Mutabazi ), on the other hand, is part of a company that offers people who are affected by the fungus to preserve their sick body by shock. Of course, in return for a lavish payment, people are put on hold in a large tin can until there is a remedy at some point.

fret but instead advocates trying to find a solution to the problem here and now than read the article on Filmstarts

German court convicts 97-year-old ex-secretary at Nazi camp .
BERLIN (AP) — A German court on Tuesday convicted a 97-year-old woman of being an accessory to more than 10,000 murders for her role as a secretary to the SS commander of the Nazis' Stutthof concentration camp during World War II. Irmgard Furchner was accused of being part of the apparatus that helped the camp near Danzig, now the Polish city of Gdansk, function. The Itzehoe state court in northern Germany gave her a two-year suspended sentence for being an accessory to murder in 10,505 cases and an accessory to attempted murder in five cases.

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