Entertainment: Rachel Legrain-Trapani posts an adorable photo with her two children, Internet users touched! (PHOTO)

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani poste une adorable photo avec ses deux enfants, les internautes attendris ! (PHOTO) © Capture Instagram Rachel Legrain-Trapani posted an adorable photo with her two children, Internet users touched! (PHOTO) This Sunday, January 24 on her Instagram account, Rachel Legrain-Trapani shared an adorable photo of her and her children.

For a few months now, Rachel Legrain-Trapani has made perfect love with Valentin Léonard and has given birth to two little boys: Gianni and Andréa. Shortly after giving birth to her youngest , the beauty queen wrote on her Instagram account: " Thank you all for your messages, we are slowly recovering from our emotions. Everything went well, Andrea is born by cesarean section, (quite strange to live with) I did not remember too much the birth of Gianni because it did not go very well and I was completely shot ... So there we can say that I have Well, everything felt ... Valentin was able to support me and be with me at all times and as I suspected he is a completely gaga daddy ". Then, at the end of December, Rachel Legrain-Trapani celebrated the birthday of her little Gianni . " Happy birthday Gianni! 7 years already for my big one, I do not see the years passing. I prepared a birthday on the theme of football for him so as not to miss me. And tomorrow Christmas, we keep the same theme?", she wrote on the social network.

Parler, the “free speech” social network, explained

  Parler, the “free speech” social network, explained The largely unmoderated, conservative-friendly website is back in the news following the insurrection at the US Capitol.Attention is turning toward Parler and other fringe platforms in the aftermath of the events on Capitol Hill at a time when social networks are under increasing scrutiny for the role they play in encouraging off-platform violence. Some are urging companies like Facebook and Twitter to moderate content more aggressively. Others claim that stricter moderation amounts to censorship and pushes users to darker corners of the internet. This process could inevitably bolster the spread of misinformation, hate speech, and violence.

A cliché that makes Internet users melt

Rachel Legrain-Trapani loves using Instagram to share her family life with her subscribers. This Sunday, January 24, the former Miss France posted an adorable photo of her and her children with the caption: "Selfie with my love babies ❤️ ???? A Saturday at the apartment, small brunch, games, cartoons ... and you what's the program? " Very quickly, Internet users were moved by this publication. "What a lovely family ❤️", "The three of you are very beautiful ???????? and sure that it must be lively ???? ..", "Too good all 3 ????? ??????????? "," Beautiful family "," Beautiful with your babies of love so beautiful your children a lot of love between you three ", can we read in the comments.

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