Entertainment: Dieter Bohlen: Will he still be paid by RTL until 2022?

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Nobody would have expected this message! For almost 20 years, Dieter Bohlen (67) has been an integral part of the popular casting show " Germany is looking for the superstar ". However, this should soon be over, as RTL announced in a press release on March 11th!

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Dieter Bohlen stops with DSDS and with "Supertalent". In the video above you can see how the transmitter explains itself.

In statement it was stated that "all those involved" had been informed in advance about the complete replacement of the jury - including planks. According to insiders, however, the separation was anything but amicable. So it's no wonder that the pop titan now wants to get the most out of his TV off.

Estefania Küster: She shows her tight body! Fan: "You look awesome"

 Estefania Küster: She shows her tight body! Fan: © IMAGO / Robert Michael; Instagram / estefaniaheidemanns Estefania Küster: She shows her tight body! Fan: "You look awesome" Estefania Küster is 41 years old and has three children. Why do we mention that again? Because you can't see either of them! The ex of pop titan Dieter Bohlen (66), with whom she 's son Maurice (15), has a crisp figure like a 20-year-old! She has shown that body to kneel down quite a few times, but in her latest Instagram post we simply have no words.

Do you remember all the jurors in the DSDS story? In the following video we travel with you through all 18 seasons and reveal who was allowed to sit on the jury chair.

Dieter Bohlen got bonus payments for good odds

As the "Bild" newspaper claims to have found out, Dieter Bohlen will also be paid after his departure from DSDS and the " Supertalent " from RTL - and supposedly until 2022. As "Bild" reports, this is due to an agreement that the quota guarantor reached with the private broadcaster. Allegedly, however, the lucrative deal is not yet in the towel.

It is still unclear when a final agreement will be reached. Dieter Bohlen, however, is supposed to be concerned with bonus payments, according to "Bild", which he has received so far for good quotas in "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and "Supertalent". These remuneration are supposed to cease to exist - even if the formats continue to run successfully.

They did not know about Guido Maria Kretschmer

 They did not know about Guido Maria Kretschmer Nino de Angelo and Dieter Bohlen wanted to be together in 1989. But her song "aviator" ended with a debacle. The singer is responsible for planks. © Picture Alliance / ITVAN Bajzat / A picture of Happy times: Dieter Bohlen embraces Nino de Angelo, having prevailed in 1989 at the German ESC preliminary decision with "aviator" against Ralph Siegel. "aviator" was called the song, with the Nino de Angelo in 1989 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne for Germany.

Dieter Bohlen: A lawyer should check his RTL-Aus

Compared to the "Bild" newspaper, Dieter Bohlen did not want to comment on the negotiations at this point in time. RTL also only briefly stated: "We do not comment on the content of the contract." Just recently, "Bild" announced that Bohlen from is having a Hamburg law firm check whether he can defend himself against the RTL-Aus. His contract is said to have expired, but it is now apparently about promises that some of those responsible at the station who have already been replaced are said to have given him. We will soon find out whether he will be successful with it.

You are an unbeatable team! Dieter Bohlen recently spent time in the Maldives with his girlfriend Carina. The beautiful brunette in particular made a name for herself there. You can find out why exactly in the following video:

to Bohlen-Off: Like Oliver Pocher thinks about his own career

 to Bohlen-Off: Like Oliver Pocher thinks about his own career Oliver Pocher (43) has long since developed to a fixed size in the German TV landscape, similar to Dieter Bohlen (67). But after the surprising for planks at 'Supertalent' and 'DSDS' nothing seems safe. No reason to become nervous, Oliver Pocher calms. © Provided by cover media Oliver and Amira Pocher The Pochers talk about the future in their podcast 'The Pochers here' go Oliver and his wife Amira (28) on the shock message.

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For many came from Dieter Bohlen (65) at " Germany is looking for the superstar " surprising. The PopTitan was man of the first hour and the figurehead of the famous casting show. Nevertheless, yesterday evening (April 3) went the final without the cult juror over the stage. Now the music producer moved in an Instagram video balance. He also showed himself disappointed by former friends, of which he did not expect it.

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