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Entertainment: dsds: mega breakdown in front of the big final

DSDS: You are taking on Dieter Bohlen's jury role for the time being.

 DSDS: You are taking on Dieter Bohlen's jury role for the time being. Last week Zoè and performer Steve “Germany is looking for the superstar” had to leave , 21 candidates are still fighting for entry into the live show. © Provided by TVmovie Dieter Bohlen In front of the windmills of Mykonos, the island's landmark, the candidates will perform on the Greek island on Saturday, March 13 at 8:15 pm on RTL for the third time. They are amazed when they see the set, because they are allowed to sit and watch as an audience in the set during the performances.

Oh, oh - is an unfair final at " Germany is looking for the superstar " before? An incident now ensures that Finalkandidat Kevin believes: "I think that's just a bit of shit". But what had happened? It is clear that the RTL casting show 2021 just does not run around. First of the Eklat with Michael Wendler (48) and his not straight flattering outward . Then the shock message that pop-titanium Dieter Bohlen (67) does not just cease at "DSDS" , but also on the remaining shows on sick leave. And now this fauxpas in the final round of the show.

DSDS Finale 2021 © TVNow / Stefan Gregorovius DSDS Final 2021

To his from RTL-CastingShow, "DSDS" urban Dieter Bohlen also expressed itself even - in the following video you see his statement in full length.

Dieter Bohlen: Will he still be paid by RTL until 2022?

 Dieter Bohlen: Will he still be paid by RTL until 2022? Nobody would have expected this message! For almost 20 years, Dieter Bohlen (67) has been an integral part of the popular casting show " Germany is looking for the superstar ". However, this should soon be over, as RTL announced in a press release on March 11th! © Getty Images gettyimages-456791838.jpg Dieter Bohlen stops with DSDS and with "Supertalent". In the video above you can see how the transmitter explains itself.

The DSDS fans got only Kevin's song "Hurricane" to hear

of the displeasure of the four "DSDS" Finalists Jan-Marten Block (25), Stirian McCoy (19), Karl Jeroboan (30 ) And Kevin Jenewein (27) is related to the publication of the winning songs. They should be published on the night of Friday (2 April) punctually at midnight on the streaming platform "Spotify". But it has to be a lot wrong: only Kevin's song "Hurricane" got hearing the fans. The call for unfair competition becomes loud.

Therefore, Kevin Jenewein now has an advantage in the "DSDS" final

unfair, not only the candidates. Finally, the calls of the songs flow into the evaluation of the jurors with a - Kevin's song thus have a clear competitive advantage. He also has more time to win fans for themselves. The technical breakdown, which made sure that the other three songs were later retrieved hours later, was not commented by the transmitter.

They did not know about Guido Maria Kretschmer

 They did not know about Guido Maria Kretschmer Nino de Angelo and Dieter Bohlen wanted to be together in 1989. But her song "aviator" ended with a debacle. The singer is responsible for planks. © Picture Alliance / ITVAN Bajzat / A picture of Happy times: Dieter Bohlen embraces Nino de Angelo, having prevailed in 1989 at the German ESC preliminary decision with "aviator" against Ralph Siegel. "aviator" was called the song, with the Nino de Angelo in 1989 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne for Germany.

"DSDS" winner 2021: Who will become the new winner of the RTL casting show?

Candidate Kevin, who has a supposed advantage by this breakdown, is not pleased. "I think it's just a bit of shit that that did not work at Spotify," says the followers in his Insta story and the finalist continues, "I do not know what they have for a problem that they do not at the same time have taken out. " Whether he can really take advantage of it, we will learn in the final tonight (April 3) when the "DSDS" winner 2021 is named.

An era goes to the end: 19 years sat Dieter Bohlen in the jury of "Germany is looking for the superstar". In the video below you will learn how he has changed during this time.

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