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Entertainment: Helen McCrory († 52): The "Harry Potter" star has died of cancer

Harry Potter back? Rupert Grint is leaving but a condition

 Harry Potter back? Rupert Grint is leaving but a condition while movies and series on the Harry Potter universe would be in preparation from the rumors, Rupert Grint admitted that it would not be against Ron Weasley's role. He had already entrusted he would agree to come back with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in a new film about the wizards if he was offered again insured. But it has a single condition, a condition it has unveiled in interview.

She played in several of the "Harry Potter" films, with "James Bond: Skyfall", "the Queen" and in countless others Stripes that were built on all over the world. Now the British actress Helen McCrory (†) was surprisingly died at the age of only 52 years.

helen-gettyimages-1163776336-sw.jpg © Getty Images Europe / Stuart C. Wilson Helen-GettyImages-1163776336-SW.JPG Damian Lewis mourns Helen McCrory

This confirms her husband, the " Homeland " star Damian Lewis (50) in a moving statement which he shared on Twitter : "With broken heart I have to announce that the beautiful and impressive woman, the Helen McCrory was lost her heroic fight against the cancer and died peacefully at home, surrounded by a wave of love from your friends and your family. "

further added, "She died, as she lived. Fearless. God, we love her and know what lucky we had to have had in our lives. They shone so bright. Now go, small, in The air into, thank you. "

next to her husband, the Hollywood star leaves two children she had with him. Daughter Manon is 14 years old, son gulliver 13.

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