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Entertainment: The big fear of the Marseillais

Fear the Walking Dead reveals season 7 premiere date and post-blast wasteland

  Fear the Walking Dead reveals season 7 premiere date and post-blast wasteland Fear the Walking Dead has announced its return date and released two scenes from season 7 In the first clip, we see Morgan and Grace (Karen David) holed up in the submarine and doing their best as new parents taking care of the orphaned baby Morgan. But Grace (who did not exactly seem thrilled at the end of last season to be living through another radiation nightmare) then ventures outside, giving us a look at what happens when someone actually does mess with Texas… via missiles. Your browser does not support this video June (Jenna Elfman) and John Dorie Sr.

Steve Mandanda © provided by Steve Mandanda

French football is in shock. The serious incidents that enamelled the end of the match between the OGC Nice and the Olympic of Marseille , with organ point the invasion of the lawn of the Riviera Arena and the refusal of the Marseille camp to resume The meeting, no longer refers to reacting. Especially in the political world. Roxana Maracineanu, the Minister Delegate to Sports, did not hesitate to defend the Olympian players. "Always happy that they defended themselves. On a match where you go to players and referees, it's normal to react. We'll let players get insulting, getting bottles full of water? No, it is not possible, "she launched, considering that these incidents were" an insult for football ".

"Tops and Bas": Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia unveil intimate images of the birth of their son Maylone

 © Instagram @Jessicathivenin "Tops and Low": Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia unveil intimate images of The birth of their son Mayonone followed by several million subscribers on social networks, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia share everything with their fans. On YouTube, the couple published a moving video tracing the birth of his son Mayonon. Nearly two years after the birth of his son Maylone , Jessica Thivenin again awaits a happy event.

of the words that will probably be hot in the heart of Steve Mandanda , the Olympian captain, who shared, in a video broadcast on the club site, his lively emotion after the end of the hectic match lived on the Côte d'Azur . "We are very clearly shocked by what happened. It is for us something inadmissible that the fans can return like that to the field, has confided the Olympian captain. There had already been a lot of things at first with many bottles jets. Then we ended up, already in Montpellier with Val (rongier) who was seriously touched, today I was often targeted since the beginning of the match. Then it happened on Dim (Payet). "

Video: Rennes - Nantes: "We do not like losing and even less a Derby" Loose Kombouar (RMC Sport)

and the tricolor world champion to continue about the invasion ground. "After the supports that come back is completely inadmissible," he said. That's what I said to the delegate. Simply, for us players, our security was no longer assured. We found ourselves in danger. A lot of our players have been targeted or affected. When we see that there are between 500 and 1,000 fans who enable themselves to go back to the ground in order to come to assault, it is something that we can not tolerate. For all these reasons, we can not go back on the ground because we do not feel safe.

Think big: Here is one way to save the Big 12

  Think big: Here is one way to save the Big 12 To understand the defiant spirit of the remaining eight teams in the Big 12 conference, it’s instructive to consider that the mascots of nearly half of the remaining schools carry guns. When the obvious became official on Thursday and the Pac-12 announced it wouldn’t be expanding, the eight remaining Big 12 schools now officially have the opportunity to link arms and build a new future. The most tangible takeaway from the Big Ten/Pac-12/ACC alliance on Wednesday was that those leagues banded together to push the Big 12 further away from college football’s mainstream. The counter-punch needs to be more strategic than emotional.

Like its president, Pablo Longoria, Steve Mandanda has taken care to specify that Benoît Bastien, the referee of the meeting, seemed to share the opinion of the Phocean camp considering that a non-recovery The match was the best solution. But it was without counting on the opinion of the League and the authorities. "The referees agreed with us to interrupt the match, simply. They felt that security was not there. The delegate replied that in relation to the discussion with the prefect and the police service they thought it was possible, he explained. But as I told them, they did not live what we lived in the field. The prefect was not there either to see what was happening. For us, our security was the most important. On this aspect, we did not feel safe. "

The OM is worried about Paylet .
© provided by The number 10 Marseille is package for Angers-OM. back in the eleven Marseillais Sunday against reindeer after having missed the matches of The OM against AS Monaco and the Lokomotiv Moscow, Dimitri Payet will not be from the trip to Angers, Wednesday, theater for the Olympians The 7th League lifer 1. Reunion does not appear in the Phocean group convened by Jorge Sampoli.

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