Entertainment: "The Walking Dead": New synchronous voice for Eugene in season 11 - that is behind it

'The roadmap is firmly in place at this point': 'The Walking Dead' showrunner knows how the show will end

  'The roadmap is firmly in place at this point': 'The Walking Dead' showrunner knows how the show will end "TWD" showrunner Angela Kang confirms to Insider she knows how AMC's long-running zombie drama will come to an end and hopes they stick the landing.When asked if she knows how "TWD" will end, Kang told Insider via phone Monday morning, "Yes, I believe I know how 'The Walking Dead' ends.

With the first episode of the eleventh season " The Walking Dead " is extremely promising to the large finalseason started. While the prelude to a lot of counter-love is, all kinds of fans bother in this country at a decrease in localization.

© AMC "The Walking Dead": New Synchron Parts for Eugene in Season 11 - This is located behind

Fanblebing Eugene ( Josh McDergitt ) suddenly has another German synchronizer in the new "Walking Dead" sequence - and that falls In a word crook like Eugene, which in the course of the interrogations in front of the gates of the Commonwealth also has a lot of speech in the episode, of course, quickly. Instead of Bernhard Völger, who has spoken the figure since her first occurrence in Season 4, now Jackie-Chan -STAMM and TIM-Allen language speaker Stefan Gossler borrowed his voice (Fun Fact: Gossler has at "The Walking Dead "previously already the figure Axel spoken, to which Rick and Co. are encountered in season 3 in prison).

is Eugene in "The Walking Dead" finally at the destination? Therefore, you should not look forward to "Stephanie"

 is Eugene in While Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ), Daryl ( Norman Reedus ), Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) and Co. in the first two episodes of the new ones " The Walking Dead " Squad Your way to Maggies Old Settlement Meridian Railways and now meet the brutal Reaper, Eugene ( Josh McDergitti ) and his comrades * inside the nervous recording process into the so-called Commonwealth.

But why is that?

tight schedules at the "Walking Dead" Synchro

The German reinforcement of Eugene has a very simple reason, as the responsible synchronous studio Eurosync explained to demand very openly. In a large series like "The Walking Dead", which appears only shortly after their US premiere in Germany, often only very little time remains to plan the German translation and implement in time. With such a short-term work and a now so large voice-cast as with "The Walking Dead", it can sometimes be difficult to bring the schedules of all sychronous actors under a hat, so in this case.

Eugene spokesman Bernhard Völger was at the time of recordings to the current "Walking Dead" sequence simply in the deserved holiday. For him, Stefan Gossler has only jumped as a representation so that the result could be completed for German publication. For this reason, we can do those who are now exciting about Eugen's new voice, but also soothe ...

'The Walking Dead' seemingly introduced a comic character onto the show, but fans are skeptical

  'The Walking Dead' seemingly introduced a comic character onto the show, but fans are skeptical "TWD" episode 2 ended with Eugene meeting Stephanie, the woman he was communicating with over the radio. But is it really her?The woman who introduced herself as Stephanie, played by Chelle Ramos, has the character's signature glasses from the comics, but super-sleuth fans are skeptical that she's the genuine article - and with good reason.

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Soon again Everything in the old

Völger's holiday is of course only temporary, which is why Eugene will only have a different German voice for a short time.

From which consequence exactly Eugene will sound like this as usual, is not quite tight. However, it looks like Gossler also jumps on again for Völger for Pölger for episode 2 of the eleventh "TWD" -Staffel , but the latter then takes over again.

In addition, we also insured us that the Eugene Parts with Gossler subsequently re-mentioned again by Völger , so that the Commonwealth candidate will listen to further charisma and home theater publications as always. And probably you will then replace Disney + the versions again.

»" The Walking Dead "at Disney + *

The new episodes of" The Walking Dead "is currently running on Mondays from 4.15 clock at the pay-TV channel ProSieben Fun and then appear at 9.00 clock for streaming in the adult section Star. , Overall, the eleventh and last season will include all 24 episodes published in three parts of eight episodes.

So good begins the 11th season "The Walking Dead"

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