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Entertainment: Liberation to Mali of a Colombian nun Removed in 2017

Mali. "Unacceptable remarks": France rejects the accusations of abandonment at Sahel

 Mali. © Maimouna Moro / AFP A soldier of Operation Barkhane, on September 9, 2021, in Timbuktu. The Malian Prime Minister accused France on Saturday at the UN, a "abandonment in full flight" with the reorganization of its military presence in the Sahel. While a French soldier died on Friday, Florence Parly denounces, Monday, "unacceptable and indecent".

Photo non datée de la religieuse franciscaine colombienne Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, enlevée au Mali en 2017, dont la libération a été annoncée le 9 octobre 2021 © HO Non-dated photo of the Franciscan Nun Columbian Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, removed in Mali in 2017, whose release was announced on October 9, 2021

a Franciscan religious Colombian , Sister Gloria Cecilia Navarez, removed in February 2017 by Jihadists in Mali, was released on Saturday, announced the Malian presidency.

The Presidency of Mali greeted in a statement "The courage and bravery of the sister", stating that this release is "the coronation of 4 years and 8 months of combined efforts of several information services".

"I thank the Malian authorities, the president, all the Malian authorities for all the efforts you made to free myself. May God bless you, God bless Mali," said the nun at the public television Malian.

The Mali summons the French ambassador after the criticism of Macron

 The Mali summons the French ambassador after the criticism of Macron © Copyright 2021, the Obs the tensions between France and the Mali still climb a notch. Bamako convened the French ambassador, Tuesday, after the words deemed "regrettable" of President Emmanuel Macron against the military junta in power and appeal to this "that the state returns" to Mali. Can France leave Mali? "The Minister invited the French authorities to the deduction, avoiding value judgments," commented on the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

It appeared alongside the acting president, Colonel Assimi Goïta, is the archevish of Bamako Mgr Jean Zerbo.

Bishop Zerbo assured AFP that the nun "is well". "We prayed a lot for his liberation. I thank the Malian authorities and the other good wishes who allowed this release," he said.

Gloria Cecilia Narvaez is part of the Franciscanities of Mary Immaculate, a congregation of Swiss origin founded in 1893 and present in 17 countries.

She had been removed on February 7, 2017 near Koutiala, 400 km east of Bamako. She then worked as a missionary for six years in the parish of Karangasso with three other nuns.

- "Take me" -

According to one of his colleagues, Sister Carmen Isabel Valencia, Sister Gloria Cecilia Navarez had voluntarily delivered to his kidnappers while they were preparing to remove two younger nuns. "I'm the superior, take me," she said, according to this colleague.

Hubert Germain, French Resistance fighter, dies at 101

  Hubert Germain, French Resistance fighter, dies at 101 PARIS (AP) — Hubert Germain, the last of an elite group of decorated French Resistance fighters who helped liberate France from Nazi control in World War II, has died. He was 101. The French president’s office announced the death in a statement Tuesday, saying Germain “embodied a century of freedom.” It didn't divulge details of his death. Born Aug. 6, 1920, Germain fled to London in 1940 to join the Resistance. Wounded in Italy during the war, Germain also fought in Egypt, Libya and what is now Syria, and took part in the “southern D-Day” Allied landings on the shores of Provence in 1944. © Provided by Associated Press FILE - In this Nov.

The brother of the former hostage was moved, after having confirmed the release. "Thank God, she is in good health, they sent me photos and she looks good," reacted Edgar Narvaez, in a brief conversation with AFP.

The President of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, Bishop Mario de Jesús Álvarez Gómez, for his part expressed his "immense joy".

"I welcome the news of the release to the Mali of our dear compatriot, the religious Gloria Cecilia Narváez, a goal that we set ourselves within the national government and for which we worked with the President (Colombian Ivan) Duque for many months, "said Colombian Foreign Minister for his part in a statement, Marta Lucía Ramírez.

Soeur Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, dans une vidéo rendue publique le 2 juillet 2017 © - Sister Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, in a video made public on July 2, 2017

Ms. Ramirez also highlighted the "French government's humanitarian efforts to contribute to this success".

A source close to mediation entrusted AFP that the nun had not been ill-treated during his detention and learned the Qur'an. "We will not say any details. The negotiations lasted months, from the years," said this source.

Mali plans talks with jihadists, defying opposition

  Mali plans talks with jihadists, defying opposition After almost nine years of brutal conflict, Mali's rulers are set to pursue talks with jihadists, ignoring fierce opposition from former colonial power France. Since first emerging in the north in 2012, the Islamist insurgency has swept into central Mali and spilled over into neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger. Insecurity remains rampant and violence appears to be spreading, despite the presence of French and UN troops. Engaging the IslamistsSince first emerging in the north in 2012, the Islamist insurgency has swept into central Mali and spilled over into neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger.

A leader of Bamako airport, speaking under the cover of anonymity, AFP said Gloria arrived on Saturday night in the Malian capital of where she must fly to Rome. The departure of Colombian Bamako has been confirmed by the archbishopric of the city.

In a letter transmitted last July by the Red Cross to his brother, Sister Gloria Narvaez explained to be held by "a group of GSIM", the support group for Islam and Muslims, linked to Al Qaeda.

The kidnappings are common in Mali, a Sahelian country taken in the turmoil since the triggering of independence and jihadist insurrections in the north in 2012. The conflict has made thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced, despite the intervention of UN forces, French and African.

A French journalist, Olivier Dubois, was removed in early April in the north of Mali by jihadists affiliated with al-Qaeda.


Mali: The Coalition "For a successful transition" in meetings against the postponement of elections .
© AFP - Kena Betancur The Malian Prime Minister Choguel Maïga (here in New York on September 26, 2021) said consider a report of the general elections Initially scheduled in February 2022.

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