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Entertainment: Mali: the underside of the release of the Colombian nun Gloria Narvaez

Mali aims to hire Russian mercenaries: Lavrov

  Mali aims to hire Russian mercenaries: Lavrov Mali plans to hire private Russian mercenaries to assist with security in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday. © Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images Press conference by Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at UN Headquarters during United Nations High week.

La religieuse colombienne Gloria Narvaez a été reçue par le pape François au Vatican le 10 octobre suite à sa libération au Mali. © AFP - HO The Colombian nun Gloria Narvaez was received by Pope Francis at the Vatican on 10 October following his release in Mali.

After 4 years and 8 months of captivity, the Colombian nun, Sister Gloria Cécilia Narvaez was released this weekend in northern Mali. Saturday, October 9, she arrived in Bamako where she was received by the President of the Transition Colonel Assimi Goïta in the presence of Cardinal Jean Zerbo, Archbishop of Bamako, before flying for Rome where she met Sunday Le Pape Francis. . What are the underside of his release after being kidnapped by the Jihadists close to Iyad AG Ghali?

with our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

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at the request of the Vatican, the Christian community Sant'Egidio based in Rome played an important role. Last August, taking advantage of an official stay in Bamako, Sant'Egidio officials advanced the file. There was, for example, a meeting with local mediators accustomed to hostage liberation issues, as well as a meeting also - according to our information - with information managers of the subregion.

Video: Mali: A Colombian nuns released after four years of captivity (Euronews)

at the Catholic Church of Mali, discretion instructions were given. According to a source at the heart of the case, between the months of April and last May, the abductors of the Colombian nun would have already agreed to free her, but at the last moment, a grain of sand in the machine had failed the operation.

Liberation to Mali of a Colombian nun Removed in 2017

 Liberation to Mali of a Colombian nun Removed in 2017 © HO Non-dated photo of the Franciscan Nun Columbian Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, removed in Mali in 2017, whose release was announced on October 9, 2021 a Franciscan religious Colombian , Sister Gloria Cecilia Navarez, removed in February 2017 by Jihadists in Mali, was released on Saturday, announced the Malian presidency.

The Malian and Italian information services would have decided to better coordinate actions in order to obtain its release. From a source close to a known Malian mediator in this kind of file, the nun was in the hands of the supporters of the chief Jihadist Iyad AG Ghali of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims.

A question arises: In return for liberation, was there remaining ransom and / or liberation of jihadists imprisoned here or elsewhere? Our interlocutor answers: "It's a humanitarian gesture".

This is the same group that removed and released last year two Italian nationals including a priest. And it's the same jihadist group that holds French journalist Olivier Dubois .

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The Cédéao imposes individual sanctions for the members of the junta in power in Mali .
the Economic Community of the States of West Africa decided to sanction those who are involved in the delay of the organization of the elections scheduled for February 2022. © Provided by the world The President of Malian Transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, in Bamako, June 7, 2021.

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