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Entertainment: Judgment in Sex Video Process Against Benzema on November 24,

Why Benzema and Nasri refused Algeria

 Why Benzema and Nasri refused Algeria The former coach of Algeria, Jean-Michel Cavalli, has just unveiled the discussions he had with Benzema and Nasri in 2006. © supplied by Football 365 NASRI takes the defense of Benzema Karim Benzema and Samir Nasri have had a long journey in France team. At both of them, they combine more than 100 capes with the tricolors. However, they could have borrowed another path at the very beginning of their course.

In the process of trial cancellation with a sex video, the judgment against Real-Madrid striker Karim Benzema will fall on November 24th.

Droht eine Bewährungsstrafe: Karim Benzema. © Robert Michael / DPA central picture / DPA threatens a probationary sentence: Karim Benzema.

This confirmed the prosecutor Versailles of the German Press Agency on Friday. For aid she demanded a probationary sentence of ten months and a fine of 75,000 euros for the French football international. His defense pleaded matching media reports according to acquittal.

In addition to Benzema, four more men have been in court since Wednesday. In contrast to the 33-year-old, they are not aid but demonstrated blackmail and in a case of confidence abuse. The prosecutor demanded for her perennial penalties and fines.

Benzema already rewarded, the gold balloon arrives!

 Benzema already rewarded, the gold balloon arrives! The gem of Karim Benzema against Spain was elected more beautiful purpose of the League of Nations. Auspicious before the golden ball? © Provided by Football 365 Benzema Requie On November 29, France Football will unveil the identity of the player who will succeed Lionel Messi on the winners of the Golden Ball. If the Argentine is well placed to keep its title, Karim Benzema is also part of the favorite category for this vintage 2021.

The case goes back to June 2015. At that time, the French midfielder Mathieu Valbuena was threatened with a call with the publication of an intimate video on which this should be seen. This was followed by more messages related to the video. Background a 25,000 euro blaming should be one of the men who should be settled. The sender France Info reported, the suspect should have drawn the video of Valbuena's phone.

benzema-Valbuena conversation in the center

in the center of allegations against Benzema, which did not appear to court personally, is a private conversation between him and Valbuena about the sex video a few days after the call. Benzema should have tried to persuade his colleagues to talk to a middle man. Although money had not been spoken, but this had been clear, said Valbuena. Benzema was knowingly part of a strategy, it was said from the prosecutor. His defense had rejected the allegations.

The affair had for the affected sensitive consequences. Because of the involvement, Benzema had missed the European Championship in his own country. Valbuena also did not play for the French team at the time.

Benzema Golden Ball, a "triumph" announced .
© provided by Karim Benzema and Alvaro Odriozola. The vote for the gold balloon 2021 has been closed from now on three weeks, the Real Madrid continues to block behind Karim Benzema , announced among the main favorites at the succession of Lionel Messi , The latest player rewarded in 2019.

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