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Entertainment: Despite Corona Turbulence: Löw farewell throws his shadows advance

Further legal protection The Corona protective measures is in sight

 Further legal protection The Corona protective measures is in sight Königswinter. The Prime Minister Conference on Friday also advised on the Corona Pandemic. A majority is for the more relevant protection of other corona protective measures. © Oliver Berg The Prime Ministers of the federal states sit together at the conference table. The main topics of the Prime Minister's Conference is the handling of the pandemic.

The Corona turbulence around the DFB team have the planned farewell to Joachim Löw on the edge of the Liechtenstein International Game in Wolfsburg to be the Randaspekt. However, his old companions look forward to the reunion - under 2G conditions.

Erlebten erfolgreiche Zeiten beim DFB: Joachim Löw und Thomas Müller (re.). © Imago / Ulmer / TeamPhoto experienced successful times at the DFB: Joachim Löw and Thomas Müller (Re.).

DFB Team: Looking forward to the reunion with the ex-coach

Hansi Flick had to answer the day before the international match against Liechtenstein all kinds of questions. On most, he found an answer, often a clear, sometimes also an evasive one. Only once did he have to fit - when asked when his predecessor and former boss Joachim Löw, who is officially adopted on Thursday, is expected in Wolfsburg. "I can not say that," Flick admitted, looked at the side of the side to DFB employee Uli Voigt, who led the press conference, and then apologized: "We focus on tomorrow's game. Jogi knows yes from my own experience, How important it is that you are focused. "

Freedom Adrum beats Beware of Corona

 Freedom Adrum beats Beware of Corona Berlin. The incidences and the number of instructions in the clinics increase. Nevertheless, the traffic lights parties do not want to extend the epidemic situation. That's unwise. © Sebastian Gollnow A student performs a corona quick test at a school. The Robert Koch Institut currently registers in individual regions of Germany particularly many corona infections. The future coalition from SPD, Greens and FDP would like to present itself as an alliance of freedom.

Spalier stand for the World Champion Trainer

Now no World Cup final stands for the DFB selection, but in view of the already fixed qualification for the World Cup sporty meaningless game against the - apology - football dwarf Liechtenstein. But there was now plenty of edge topics that the national coach had to deal with in recent days: the Corona-case Niklas Sule, the quarantine arrangement for four more national player, injuries, postnominations, changed protocols ... Flicks predecessor At least, Löw is likely to be glad about having to talk around with everyone. So the compulsory espresso can still enjoy a good deal more.

26,000 fans in Wolfsburg, which were additionally attracted with a DFB jersey in addition to the view of a few goals, are intended to provide a worthy framework for the adoption of the longtime national trainer and world champion coaches of 2014. Numerous companions - about Sami Khedira, by Mertesacker Or Lukas Podolski - are splashing on the lawn, many more will be actively trying to produce any further negative headlines through a victory over Liechtenstein. Many of the current coach and caregiver staff have been working together with Löw, most of the players of the current squad debuted under the 61-year-old, which after the euro in the summer his office on Flick - handed over his former assistant.

Column: Do I take Corona yet seriously enough?

 Column: Do I take Corona yet seriously enough? Corona has become a pastime for me. If anything, I fear another lockdown and restrictions. Is this negligence - company wonders girlfriend columnist Elena © ISTOCKPHOTO we Corona yet seriously enough? ISTOCKPHOTO "Please register vaccination record, identification and individually in the app." With these words, I was greeted with my friends the other day in a bar in Munich. We nodded did as told and went inside.

Müller and the interest in Löw's future

"Many who are here, Jogi feel great gratitude," said Flick on Wednesday. "The call from him has changed my life at that time, as I am." Löw is "exceptional" as a person and a model, "because he has never passed on the pressure, that was his big strength." And for that Wool Flick would like to thank again on Thursday evening. In a glass of red wine after the game - under vaccinated or recent. For the official celebrations, unlike the game on the lawn, the 2G rule.

also Thomas Müller, who made 106 of his hitherto 108 internationals under Löw, will be there. "I'm looking forward to seeing you," said the Munich on Wednesday. "We connect a lot. Sportily there were heights, but also depths. It is especially the interpersonal encounters and experiences that remain in memory." Certainly the fun bird of FC Bayern will also catch how it actually goes on at Löw. Is the former national coach in pension? Does he continue to work as a coach? Or does he perhaps take responsibility in football? "I'm curious and interested," Müller admitted. Small talk topics Even apart from Corona, there are therefore available.

Intensive Stations Warnampfel in Berlin lights up red! So bad is the corona not in Berlin's districts +++ So big is the vaccination gap in the capital .
it was just a matter of time: The warning light on the intensive care of the intensive care units has exceeded the warning threshold of 20 percent and is based on Red jumped. 20.2 percent is the value exactly. It is not the only Red Corona traffic lights: that of the 7-day incidence has been red since October. The value is now 361.4. Yellow lights up the warning light of the 7-day hospitallization incidence, an indicator of which one had hoped for.

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