Entertainment: Microsoft's new feedback portal is growing - now over 30 products represented

Microsoft 365 Roadmap Portal with new design and new functions

 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Portal with new design and new functions © Provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Company Logo Whoever wants to be up to date on what features Microsoft plans or already roll up, for which the Microsoft 365 Roadmap is a very good point of contact. At present, around 1,700 changes and innovations are documented in more than 40 products and services. After a relaunch of the portal, it is now much easier to find relevant information.

Microsoft Feedback Portal © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Feedback Portal

For about two weeks ago, Microsoft has started the test mode of its new feedback portal. At the beginning you could only have customer returns to Microsoft Teams and Edge and submit their own feedback. Now around 30 new products and services have been added.

With the announcement of the new portal Microsoft had clarified that in the future you would like to combine all feedback on all products under one roof. Apart from the advantages of a central contact point for the customers, this new portal still has the tissue that Microsoft practices the "Eat You Own Dogfood" approach.

Clemson football: Dabo Swinney has brutally honest admission on transfer portal

  Clemson football: Dabo Swinney has brutally honest admission on transfer portal Clemson football head coach Dabo Swinney doubles-down on how much hedespises the transfer portal. At 3-2 and absolutely out of the College Football Playoff picture, Clemson football head coach Dabo Swinney remains steadfast in his criticism of the transfer portal and his reluctance to ever use it . To date, Clemson has signed exactly zero players out of the transfer portal since it debuted on Oct. 15, 2018. While the Tigers have continually recruited top-10 class after top-10 class under Swinney, his holier-than-thou approach to the portal is coming back to haunt his team.

The platform is based on Dynamics 365, that is, the product that you also sell your customers for the same purpose, among other things. For example, if the product groups have problems to evaluate the feedback sensibly, then the developers of Dynamics will receive valuable clues as they can improve their product. In this respect, Microsoft has its own business interest in that this platform works well .

In addition to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Edge, you can now submit feedback on the new Portal to the following products and read the proposals of other customers, evaluate and comment:

Onenote Onedrive Onedrive for Business Word Excel PowerPoint Access Visio Planner Project Whiteboard Microsoft to do Microsoft Launcher Skype Microsoft Family Safety SharePoint Microsoft Forms Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Microsoft Intune Yammer SWay Immersive Reader School Data Sync Bookings Microsoft Viva Insights Microsoft Viva Connections Microsoft Viva Learning Microsoft Viva Topics Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Microsoft Stream

You've noticed it safely - Windows is still missing. However, it was communicated from the beginning that this will happen only in the coming year.

If you want to browse yourself: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/

Fresno State QB Jake Haener apologizes for entering transfer portal, will return to program .
Haener was one of the top passers in the country in 2021 season.While players entering the transfer portal after a coaching change is nothing new, what Fresno State quarterback Jake Haener would seem to be a rarity.

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