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Entertainment: wigs, pounds of pregnancy and anti-dark patches: shy'm delivers young beauty tips

How higher education can win the war against neoliberalism and white supremacy

  How higher education can win the war against neoliberalism and white supremacy Universities have been under attack for decades — because fascists know higher education is a weapon for democracy Protesters gather at an event on the campus of the University of Virginia organized by the group Students Act Against White Supremacy marking the one year anniversary of a deadly clash between white supremacists and counter protesters August 11, 2018 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Perruques, kilos de grossesse et patchs anti-cernes : Shy'm livre ses astuces beauté de jeune maman © JP Pariente / Sipa wigs, pounds of pregnancy and anti-dark patch: shy'm delivers young beauty tips of young Mom 2021 will probably remain apart for Shy'm: It was this year that the singer and comedian has become mom for the first time. A change in his life who also changed his beauty habits.

In January 2021, Shy'm gave birth to his first child , a boy who has totally upset the life of his mother . So much so that, since the baby's arrival, the young mother - who comes from to formalize his son's first name and unveil his meaning - can not help to share his happiness with his fans on his Instagram account, Unveiling moments cuddly with his son like first holidays at the beach . If the birth of the baby has necessarily changed the life of the singer, he also changed his relationship to beauty. MUSE OF THE BRAND PINUP Secret, she evokes with us her habits and how she adapted her rituals to her new life.

Succession's Brian Cox Plays with Patches the Cat in Silly PETA Campaign — Watch the Video!

  Succession's Brian Cox Plays with Patches the Cat in Silly PETA Campaign — Watch the Video! "The thing I love about cats is their independence," Succession star Brian Cox says in a PETA campaign video, urging pet owners to have their animals spayed and neuteredThe Golden Globe winner, 75, sat down for an interview (and some snuggles) with a shelter cat named Patches for PETA's new campaign, urging pet owners to spay and neuter their animals.

shy'm: his original trick to preserve his hair after his delivery

leisure : you are today a muse beauty and seem to have fun with your looks. Has this always been the case?

Shy'm: Not at all! Teen, I was rather breath missing, very natural. It came with the years and assume me as a woman. My makeup artist then taught me the right gestures: Peelings on the face, masks for the hair, indispensable solar protection ... by hearing, I am his advice and interest me.

How did your son's birth change your habits?

During pregnancy , I did not help anything on my skin. But after delivery I resumed my usual routine: SECRET pinup goat milk soap to clean the morning and mandatory moisturizing cream. On the other hand, while the pregnancy had done their good, my hair started falling after birth because of the fall of hormones ... I take it especially care right now: finished the extensions, I intend to leave my Hair at rest by putting on the wigs.

Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying

  Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying ATLANTA (AP) — A large spider native to East Asia has spun its thick, golden web on power lines, porches and vegetable patches all over north Georgia this year — a proliferation that has driven some unnerved homeowners indoors and prompted a flood of anxious social media posts. In metro Atlanta, Jennifer Turpin — a self-described arachnophobe — stopped blowing leaves in her yard after inadvertently walking into a web created by the Joro spider. Stephen Carter has avoided a walking trail along the Chattahoochee River where he encountered Joro webs every dozen steps.

" I want him to feel my smell ", says Shy'm about his son

Maternity often changes the ratio to smells, is this your case?

quite. While I have been wearing Cologne from Mugler, I do not have almost more from the birth of my son. I also stopped scented shower gels: I want him to feel my personal smell, it's very animal!

Makeup side, what is your product mandatory? The one to avoid?

The mascara: I can not go out without, it changes the look and attenuates the traces of fatigue. On the other hand, I avoid putting powder on the face on a daily basis, I prefer to leave my skin breathing.

A particular gesture before shooting a clip or an event?

with stress, I tend to have some buttons. Then the days preceding an event, I leave my skin naturally and I never zap the removal, even on tour. And I try to sleep well ... if my son agrees. [She laughs]

Exactly, do you have a trick after a night too short?

I put patchs in front of her eyes to reduce dark circles, or ice cubes on a fabric to deflate the pockets.

Babies born to moms with COVID-19 when pregnant should be watched for long-term impacts, researchers say

  Babies born to moms with COVID-19 when pregnant should be watched for long-term impacts, researchers say The possibility of long-term health problems in babies born to moms who had COVID-19 should motivate them to get vaccinated, researchers say.Two studies published last month show that the disease, particularly when it's severe, can affect the immune activity at the time of birth and that boys may be affected differently than girls.

" I took 17 kg ", unveils shy'm on her pregnancy

How do you take care of your silhouette?

lose my pounds of pregnancy was a big motivation: I took 17 kg. There, I got everything back: I think the breastfeeding has helped a lot, then stress and fatigue were right with the last kilos. [it laughs] I have taken back healthier food hygiene, also with protein products. Otherwise, I'm not hyper-sporty but I have phases during which I give myself thoroughly: there was dance, boxing ... Beyond the line, it's important for physical health and mental.

Do you feel that your body has changed?

Sure that after six months of breastfeeding, the chest changes! But I had the chance to find my body before. The only thing I keep is Linea Nigra, skin pigmentation appeared at the belly level. But it's a pretty souvenir, I hope to keep it long!

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