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Entertainment: mega surprise at "lol"! Now the complete occupation of the comedy show is fixed - these stars are in the third season

John Klingberg wants to stay with Stars, but will he?

  John Klingberg wants to stay with Stars, but will he? The pressure is on the Stars to work out an agreement.Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek was the first to put hard numbers to the hypothetical, reporting that Klingberg was seeking a max-term deal in the $62 million to $66 million range. This would put him just below his young teammate Heiskanen over the same number of years. This would likely be a palatable scenario for the Stars to keep their elite top four together without paying more for Klingberg, who would be 37 when his next deal expires, than for Heiskanen, who will be as old as Klingberg is now.

It is currently one of the most successful comedy shows, the program "last one laughing" ("lol") of Amazon streaming portal. The concept: ten comedians are locked into an apartment in which they have to spend six hours together. During this time, you must try all means to laugh at each other. But: Who laughs, flies out! Millions of viewers have already looked at how the stars suffered in the first and second season - now the occupation for the third season is finally determined.

  Mega-Überraschung bei „LOL“! Jetzt steht die komplette Besetzung der Comedy-Show fest – DIESE Stars sind in der dritten Staffel dabei © Provided by Berliner Kurier

and that holds some surprises ready: is moderated the show, how could it be different from comedian Michael "Bully" Herbig - he already led the sloping program in the first and second program. Next to him are three "repeat offenders" in front of the camera: Comician Carolin Kebekus, her colleague Anke Engelke and fun maker Mirko Nontschev. Engelke is thus the first comic who can be seen in all previous seasons of "lol".

Greece marks WWII entry anniversary with military parade

  Greece marks WWII entry anniversary with military parade THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — Fighter jets flew over the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki in an aerial display Thursday as troops marched in the city’s center below to mark Greece’s national holiday commemorating the country’s formal entry into World War II. But some student parades traditionally held in municipalities across the country were cancelled, especially in parts of northern Greece which have seen a spike in coronavirus infections, fueled by low vaccination rates in those areas.Greece’s Oct.

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complements the three comedians through an illustrious round of colleagues and TV stars. There are about Hazel Brugger, Michelle Hunziker and Abdelkarim. Also Axel Stein, who made his breakthrough in the comedy show "janitor Krause" moves into the crazy shared flat. And: "Stromberg" star Christoph Maria Autumn also belongs to the CAST - while Olaf Schubert will take care of his dialect for entertainment.

The last of the book is TV star Palina Rojinski. Particularly tragic for fans: Schubert just jumps one, because actually Entertainer Joko should participate in winter. However, he had to cancel because of a corona infection. But he and Rojinski have certainly done everything to throw each other out of the show - after all, their careers have been running in parallel for years.

Mega Millions Numbers for 11/05/21: Did Anyone Win the $36 Million?

  Mega Millions Numbers for 11/05/21: Did Anyone Win the $36 Million? A top cash prize of $25.8 million was on offer on Friday but did anyone take home the big one?There was a top prize of $36 million with a cash option of $25.8 million on offer. There were no winners of the top prize as no ticket matched all five numbers and the Mega Ball.

The round promises to be interesting, also for Amazon. But the first two seasons were a great success, as it is said. "Just the second season has broken the record of the first and is the most deseamed title of all times at Prime Video in Germany and Austria," the streaming service announced. In this edition, Bastian Pasteewka, Martina Hill, Annette Frier and Klaas Heufer circulation stood in front of the camera.

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"We also keep the level high in the third season and could the crème de la crème of the Germans Comedyszene winning the challenge not to laugh about six hours, "says Philip Pratt from the Amazon Studios. The rules remain the same: the first laugh is a warning, when the second flies out the respective star - and who remains at the end, wins 50,000 euros for a good cause. The show is expected to run in spring 2022.

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