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People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers. We propose, however, that closeness can lead people to overestimate how well they communicate , a phenomenon we term the closeness - communication bias . This nicely illustrates the folk wisdom that communication between two people who know each other very well is both accurate (they understand each other correctly ) and efficient (they only need a few words to do so).

Closeness - Communication Bias . Highly successful leaders sometimes struggle to communicate with people that they know well. This error is not prevalent while talking to strangers, and is called the Closeness - Communication Bias , and is due to an illusion of insight while communicating with friends or close colleagues. There are certain strategies that leaders and managers can apply to improve their communication effectiveness.

Do you know that? You are in the middle of a conversation with a: M friend: in or yours: M partner: In and suddenly you realize that you are very different with your thoughts and no longer listen properly. That's normal and we also explain why.

  Closeness-Communication-Bias: Darum hören wir unseren Freund:innen nicht richtig zu © Getty Images / Basak Gurbuz Derman

Closeess Communication Bias is the cause when we talk to Friend: Suddenly shutdown and no longer listen correctly. We are actually firmly convinced that we can especially communicate with our friend: Inside super can communicate much better especially than with strangers. However, studies prove the opposite.

I know what you want to say ...

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We propose, however, that closeness can lead people to overestimate how well they communicate , a phenomenon we term the closeness - communication bias . In one experiment, participants who followed direction of a friend were more likely to make egocentric errors—look at and reach for an In two additional experiments, participants who attempted to convey particular meanings with ambiguous phrases overestimated their success more when communicating with a friend or spouse than with strangers. We argue that people engage in active monitoring of strangers’ divergent perspectives

Interestingly, Epley’ s research has shown that our egocentrism is worse when we are with an acquaintance, rather than a stranger – a phenomenon called the “ closeness - communication bias ”. “ We often perceive close friends and partners to be similar to us , so we assume Surprisingly, the listeners preferred to hear the speaker describing the video they had already seen, while they remained distinctly underwhelmed if he spoke about the unfamiliar clip – despite the fact it was providing fresh information that they had not heard before. Cooney argues that the novelty penalty arises from the

If we talk to tight friend: inside, we believe you know her so well that we also know what they want to say. This phenomenon is called: Closeess Communication Bias. With strangers that does not happen to us. Because because we do not know her, we focus more on our opposite and listen more attentive. An effect that shows in our everyday life. For example, we barely accept our usual environment, but we fly on vacation or drive into a unknown area, we will find us all the special details.


The Closeess Communication Bias could also be detected in an experiment. The participants should follow the instructions of a: S friend: in consequences and made some egocentric mistakes. Instead of listening, for example, they attacked things that only they could see. The participants who followed the instructions of stranger did not happen such mistakes.

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“ Our problem in communicating with friends is that we have an illusion of insight,” said study co-author Nicholas Epley. This tendency to overestimate how well we communicate (and how well we ’re understood) is so prevalent that psychologists even have a name for it: closeness - communication bias . “The understanding, ‘What I know is different from what you know’ is essential for effective communication ,” said study lead Kenneth Savitsky, “but that insight can be elusive.

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listening is an art

to make us aware that we often assume, we would understand us inform us of words, the first step is to better communication. Because nobody can look in our head and read our thoughts. All the more important is communication. But also belongs to listening. So that we do not tap too often into the Closeess Communication Bias trap, it helps to make things aware, especially that we are by no means an open book and others always know exactly what and how we mean. On the other hand, however, it is the same way. So: precisely ask if you do not understand something and, above all, consciously listen. Like everything in life is also the exercise.

Source: ScienceDirect.com: The Closeess Communication Bias: Increased Egocentrism Among Friends Versus Strangers. Kenneth Savitsk et al. (2011)

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