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Entertainment: to traffic light agreement: DAGAG defends personnel decisions of the Greens

traffic light coalition: Green youth threatens with rejection of the traffic light

 traffic light coalition: Green youth threatens with rejection of the traffic light The youth organization of the Greens calls for a penny-alliance of at least 600 euros per month from a traffic light alliance. Otherwise, she does not want to agree with the coalition agreement. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA The green youth implements the negotiators of a traffic light coalition. The young organization of the Green expects further agreements on climate and social policies than before.

The post assignment in the new government ensures the green for annoyance. Robert Habeck denotes Cem Özdemir as a "gifted communicator", which is therefore particularly suitable as a ministry of Agriculture.

  Nach Ampel-Einigung: Habeck verteidigt Personalentscheidungen der Grünen © Frederic Kern / Future Image / Imago

Who receives with the green which ministers and who goes out empty, currently leads to the Greens too many irritation and become an annoyance. Now the party chairman Robert has defended the personnel decisions for the future traffic light government. The CEM Özdemir provided as a Minister of Agriculture is "a gifted communicator", which is particularly important in the agricultural resort, said DAUL.

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Özdemir understand it well to "bring together different interests," said "New Osnabrücker Zeitung". This is an important ability for the agrarian resort: "Agriculture is an area where different expectations bounce very hard," as he knew from his own experience in Schleswig-Holstein - there was Agricult minister for six years.

»Ministers in the German department ever"

Özdemir have always worked on the reconciliation of economics and ecology in his political career. " Both heard "in hardly any area so closely together« as in agriculture, stressed.

Even for the entire green party, Özdemir's nomination is a figurehead: For the first time, a child of a Turkish immigrant family of German Federal Minister - "and not in an area associated with migration issues, but in the German resort at all, if one wants«.

traffic light parties would like to present next week coalition agreement

 traffic light parties would like to present next week coalition agreement The planned traffic light coalition has expressed its intention to submit a coalition agreement in the coming week. This shared the Secretary General of SPD, Greens and FDP in Berlin.

The green boss also justified the non-recourse from the two parliamentary chairmen: "Toni Hofriter and Katrin Göring-Eckardt have successfully led great merits and the group for years," he said. "But if you have many good people and only a limited number of resorts, then choosing is always a painful process that sometimes requires difficult decisions." Hofriter had been traded in advance as Agriculture Minister, Göring-Eckardt as a family minister.

Özdemir announces harder laws at

Meanwhile, Özdemir announced to introduce stricter conditions for the meat industry. "Who wants to eat meat, can do that. Who produces meat, may also do that, but taking into account the animal welfare, climate protection and not at the expense of our environment, "said the designated Agriculture Minister of the" Stuttgart Zeitung "and the" Stuttgart news ".

He is about the courtyards and the people who produced daily high-quality food - "Not for industrial mass husbandry, which pets animals as a cheapware." Özdemir exhibited a binding posture label for meat: "We will also ensure that the investment promotion will be aligned in the future in the future," said the green politician, who has been vegetarians since his youth.


"mirror" said Özdemir , he wanted to drive climate protection in agriculture. "In the past, it was always in the Cabinet: the Minister of the Environment actually gave pretty good climate and environmental objectives, then the then Minister of Economy, the Minister of Transport or the former Minister of Agriculture came and has stepped into the ton of climate and species." He will change that.

Bundestag: "Simply as your Britta" - Social politician Hasselmann wants to become a green faction leader .
The previous first parliamentary managing director of the Greens is assigned in addition to the economic politician Katharina Dröge for a place at the pace tip. © DPA Since 2013, Hasselmann is first parliamentary managing director of the Green Bundestag Faction. The graduate social worker Britta Hasselmann wants to become a group chairman of the Greens. The deputies of their party informed them about their candidacy this Friday. The letter is available to the Handelsblatt.

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