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Entertainment: Elfer Scene Make Reus stunned: "Oh my God ..."

20 facts you might not know about 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

  20 facts you might not know about 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Sure, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” doesn’t have Indiana Jones’ name in the title like the sequels, but it’s the film that made everybody’s favorite archeologist a household name who could get himself in the title of a movie. Throw us the idol and we’ll throw you 20 trivia facts about “Raiders.”

From Latata to now Oh my god , there's been a feeling of familiarity between them. All of them start with Soyeon or in cases, Minnie, though a point can be brought up that Minnie is usually narrating instead like in Lion and Oh my god . Afterwards, it goes to the other girls, usually Soojin or Yuqi first. First of all, I have to say that the song absolutely snaps! And the MV is easily the most visually stunning and artistic of theirs. That said, I can't help but hear Lion's fingerprints all over the song; especially at Shuhua's part.

Each Kpop product involves dozens of creative people in order to come to life and its their amazing work that gives the quality to the final product, including this remix. From producers, to lyricists, arrangers, sound engineers, art teams, choreographers, stylists and make up artists, filming teams Vocal Recording, Lyrics, Music Video Copyright©2020 Cube Entertainment (G)I-DLE - ' Oh my god ' Official Music Video Remix Arrangement Copyright©2020 Areia Creations Global Entertainment LTD (Areia Instrumental #380A ) Produced by Jun Areia at Areia Creations Global Entertainment Studios

The turbulent Bundesliga summit between BVB and Bavaria worry about two penalty scenes for hot discussions. Sport1 has the votes to the game.

Elfer-Szene machen Reus fassungslos: „Oh mein Gott ...“ © Provided by Elfer scene make Reus stunned: "Oh my God ..."

After the big spectacle in the Bundesliga summit between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern there are plenty of substance for discussions.

, especially the two penalty scenes made in retrospect for trouble. (Data: Results and Schedules of the Bundesliga)

First, Marco Reus was brought into the case of Lucas Hernández's Bavaria's penalty area, but BVB did not get penalty. (Data: The Table of the Bundesliga)

All video highlights of the Bundesliga always from Monday, 0 o'clock in the Sport1 media library and in the Sport1 App

Nkunku and Poulsen reward Printed Leipzig against offensively harmless BVB

 Nkunku and Poulsen reward Printed Leipzig against offensively harmless BVB RB Leipzig has once again left possible preliminary decisions, but at least no late neck strike conceded. Rather, the runner champion in the top match against Dortmund over wide stretches was significantly better, pressively superior and at the end with a very important 2: 1. The pleasure also the FC Bayern.

Oh My God Theory. (I really don't know but yeah I actually explained it through the mv and the lyrics) (Note that this is only my personal opinion, the meaning of the mv not the song wasn't confirmed by the girls). Then there was a transition on wine and Soyeon. Soyeon saying " Oh my god She took me to the sky". The she pertains to is temptation, temptation can bring you to cloud 9 or let you be happy for a small span of tie. Soyeon and the other people in hell is happy that a person reciprocated into the temptation.

EmGMake me make me. CB7jeongsin nagal geot gachi Like it. EmOh god eojji jeoege. Please rate this tab. ×. Oh My God – (G)I-DLE.

as Mats Hummels later touched the ball with the elbow, referee Felix Zwayer only showed Intervention of the Var to the point.

Sport1 summarizes the votes to the game of Sky and the press conferences.

Marco Reus (Captain Borussia Dortmund): "I did not see the scene of Mats in the game. The referee says to me, it's a 50: 50 situation. (Reus sees the scene on the screen) Boah. Boah. I find that hard as to give penalty. Mats really tries to go with the head. He also needs his body. "

to his Elfer Scene: " My scene was also 50:50. He (the referee, note d. Red.) says that was just a bit of upper body, then you can look at it ... (Reus sees the scene on the screen) oh my god. Oh yesss. I did not like it in the game, but if I see it that way, then he has to look at it at least! In the game I did not do it so crass. In slow motion, it looks even more violent. "

BVB: "My Heart is bleeding": Effe attacks Rose

 BVB: Marco Rose stands after the defeat against RB Leipzig partly on the pillory. The BVB sets complaint against the red card of Mats Hummels and Christian Lindner is no longer countersigning for the Borussia Economic Council. The news and rumors to Borussia Dortmund. © Provided by Spox Marco Rose stands in criticism. Here's the news and rumors of Borussia from the previous day.

So Meng Chao swore that he would become stronger. In the beginning, he only wanted to make small contributions to the society by teaching them technology, martial arts, and skills from the future, and in the end, everything snowballed from there, and he found that… Earthlings were really insane. This novel has great fight scenes and amazingly conveys emotion, 4/5 Here is a quote to help illustrate what i mean.

Looking at the pictures I keep on my shelf 'Cause it's been so long since I've looked like myself Burn another candle down Burn another candle down Running low on patience, running low on fumes I'm never gonna make it halfway to the moon But it's too late to turn around But it's too late to turn around. I'm running out of oxygen I'll never be the same again now Same again now Oh my god , I can't remember Who I was just last December What have I done, how did I get here?

now in retrospect, it brings little. The experts will be discussed for a long time. It's the crucial scenes. If I get the Elfer, we probably go in the lead. It was an incredibly wild game, a horny game for the spectators. In the end, it is double bitter that we lose it that way. " (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

steelworks double pass with Rudi Völler and Oliver Mintzlaff - Everything about the League Summit BVB vs. FC Bayern: Sunday from 11 o'clock Live on TV and in the stream on Sport1

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Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus thinks his squad has what it takes to take down Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and contend in the Champions League .
Things are already getting interesting in the Bundesliga.“We have the squad to become German champions, win the cup and advance in the Champions League,” Reus said. “Every individual has to be more consistent. We’ve shown room for improvement there in recent years. Of course, it also takes luck. But we can work for that with passion and heart.

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