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Entertainment: Zwayer wants pronunciation with Bellingham - Watzke Counters

before top game: BVB concern in front of Corona and ghosts

 before top game: BVB concern in front of Corona and ghosts The concern in front of a ghost summit seems bigger than the anticipation of a large football festival: on the weekend, at which Borussia Dortmund had made the championship exciting again, at the BVB, almost nobody spoke at the BVB About FC Bayern Munich. © Bernd Thissen / DPA holds more ghost games at BVB for inappropriate: Hans-Joachim Watzke. instead of battle announcements on the duration rivals, there were only conjoining words from Dortmund to politics.

Jude Bellingham has taken care of a stir with his controversial statements to Felix Zwayer and was ultimately occupied with an penalty of 40,000 euros . The referee also criticized the BVB -Youngster sharp and wanted to search for personal conversation with this. But this will not be nothing.

Hans-Joachim Watzke lehnt ein Gespräch zwischen Zwayer und Bellingham ab | Lars Baron/GettyImages © Provided by 90min Hans-Joachim Watzke leans a conversation between Zwayer and Bellingham | Lars Baron / GettyImages

with the statement "You give a referee who has already made game manipulation, the most important game of Germany. What do you expect?", Jude Bellingham brought a big stone to roll. While some of this statement read out nothing but the truth and celebrate the player for it, others find that he has gone too far with his words. Anyway,

These consequences has the CL-Off for Haaland and Co.

 These consequences has the CL-Off for Haaland and Co. missing the K.O. Round in the Champions League has tremendous financial consequences for players and association. The BVB professionals miss all premiums in the premier class. © Provided by These consequences has the CL-Off for Haaland and Co. The premature failure in the Champions League is not only sporty for the actors of Borussia Dortmund not only a catastrophe - association and players are also powerful to the Wallet.

Felix Zwayer did not want to leave the quote and demanded a sincere apology. "The statement deliberately arouses the wrong impression, I would not have led the game to the best of our knowledge and conscience. She is personally, mutually and disrespectful," he raged the picture.

despite the fine of 40,000 euros, which was imposed on Bellingham, the referee does not want to put the case on the files. "I would like to clarify that in a personal conversation with Jude Bellingham and offered such a personal conversation to Borussia Dortmund," he planned clearly and also clarified "an sincere apology ".

Watzke pushes a tie between Bellingham and Zwayer: "No big realization chance"

The BVB has not responded to the offer of Felix Zwayer. Hans-Joachim Watzke announced that for a pronunciation "no big realization opportunity". Above all, the BVB Managing Director failed that the referee made his wish directly publicly.

Dortmund's Jude Bellingham criticizes referee vs. Bayern, citing match-fixing past

  Dortmund's Jude Bellingham criticizes referee vs. Bayern, citing match-fixing past Bayern Munich's penalty kick that decided Der Klassiker didn't sit well with the Dortmund star, who made a point to highlight the referee's match-fixing past.A late Robert Lewandowski penalty finally settled the match in Bayern's favor after a thrilling exhibition of football at Signal Iduna Park.

"If Mr. Zwayer sends a letter to me and Michael Zorc and stimulate a conversation, you can discuss it. But if I read the same one hour later in the media with original quotes, then I have to say: I have to lead me No confidential talks with anyone where it is already in the boulevard an hour later. That's not how it works, "he scolded in the interview with Amazon Prime.

According to the current state, there will therefore be no pronunciation or reconciliation. You can be curious what happens when the referee whistles the next time a game with Dortmund participation. Between him and the club are still not all differences spaced. In the end, there is always something hang. This applies both to its participation in a betting scandal as well as for the events as part of the top game on Saturday.

How long does the perfect love relationship between Bellingham and the BVB last? .
for Jude Bellingham compared the year 2021 to a fairy tale. At Borussia Dortmund , the central midfielektor developed into the regular player. The Englishman was even in the squad of his homeland at the EM. With just 18 years, he can already be described as a DFB Cup winner and Vice European Champion. © Provided by 90min Jude Bellingham achieved three goals this season. | BSR Agency / GettyImages In the recent interview, he has made a declaration of love for the BVB.

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