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Entertainment: The wishes of the mayor of Auxerre will be animated by Jean-Pierre PERNAUT, the maintenance of the event makes polemical

Hidalgo: Anne Hidalgo asks Jean Castex to reaffirm that the State will cover any losses

 Hidalgo: Anne Hidalgo asks Jean Castex to reaffirm that the State will cover any losses Anne Hidalgo asked Prime Minister Jean Castex to reaffirm the entire State guarantee in the event of budgetary overrun of the Committee. Organization of the Paris-2024 Olympic Games. © Ludovic Marin / Pool / AF The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo asked Friday to Prime Minister J Ean Castex to reaffirm the entire warranty of the State in case of budgetary overrun of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee From Paris-2024 (COJO), in a letter consulted by AFP.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut doit présenter les vœux sous forme de journal télévisé (photo d'archives). © Stephane Geufroi / West-France Jean-Pierre Pernaut must present the vows as a television newspaper (photo d 'archives).

The mayor of Auxerre Crescent Marault decided to present his presentrency vows, on January 20, 2022, with Jean-Pierre Pernaut as a brand guest. A event maintained, despite government recommendations, which is not unanimous in the city of Yonne.

The Mayor LR of Auxerre (Yonne), Crescent Marault, decided to present his favortennial vows, on January 20, 2022. A decision taken while the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, had requested on 21 December. Prefects and elected local to cancel their usual greeting ceremonies "For the sake of consistency and exemplarity" .

Good news: We have reason to 'lift every voice and celebrate'

  Good news: We have reason to 'lift every voice and celebrate' America is changing at the City Hall level with a new election wave of Black mayors.But the reality is that, in the real world, practical change that lifts our nation and impacts our daily lives - from housing to justice reform - may echo through the halls of Congress but it's implemented in city halls.

Crescent Marault, he will present his wishes in the form of a television newspaper, presented by Jean-Pierre PERNAUT, writes the Republican Yonne. Nearly 2,000 people could be present at the event, specify local media.

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incomprehensible for opposition

This ceremony should be the means of presenting the projects and changes to come for the year 2022. If some inhabitants are not against the event, c Is within the opposition that this ceremony has trouble passing, highlight the local media, including France 3 Burgundy-Franche-Comté : "The peak of sanitary crisis is expected for mid-January. The ceremony will take place on January 20th. How can people ask people to come to attend a ceremony like that? , wonders Maud Navarre, EELV municipal councilor, interviewed by the regional channel.

1st Cambodian American mayor in US takes office

  1st Cambodian American mayor in US takes office BOSTON (AP) — A refugee who survived the Khmer Rouge’s brutal rule has become the first Cambodian American mayor in the United States. Sokhary Chau, a city councilor in Lowell, Massachusetts, was unanimously picked by his council peers to assume the legislative body’s top post on Monday. He also became the city’s first Asian American mayor. “God bless America, right? I was a refugee, now I’m mayor of a major city in Massachusetts,” the 49-year-old, who works for the U.S. Social Security Administration, said after being officially sworn in. “I don’t know if that could happen anywhere else in the world. I’m still trying to absorb it.

The mayor ensures that the health protocol will be well respected. The port of the mask and the sanitary pass will be mandatory. Regarding other reproaches, Crescent Marault explains on France 3: "To talk about the territory of Auxerrois through a personality like Jean-Pierre Pernaut, it is not public money mess. On the contrary, ". A budget of € 70,000 was allocated to this ceremony, as confirmed by the Finance Deputy, Pascal Henriat to our colleagues of France Blue Auxerre .

On the local waves, the mayor also commented: " we respect the gauge of 2,000 people. The sanitary pass will be requested from the entrance and the present people will be sitting and masked. If the constraints came to harden, we could even increase the distance between each participant in this evening, so I do not see where the controversy is. »

Jean-Jacques Goldman will release his media retirement? This little sentence full of hope .
for nearly twenty years, Jean-Jacques Goldman did not come out of the new album and no longer mounted on stage. And it is not much more present in the media. But could the favorite personality of the French make his return? A sentence of his arranger, Erick Benzi, in Figaro, could revive rumors ... His media retirement was only temporary. Yet, Jean-Jacques Goldman has not appeared on stage for almost eighteen (out of the scene of bastards).

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