Entertainment: "Cologne 50667" doubles: Will Lilli be left the series?

Gouweleeuw: "Sometimes you have to gamble to win"

 Gouweleeuw: Markus Weinzierl went into the risk - and was rewarded. The returnees Jeffrey Gouweleeuw and Reece Oxford were an important factor for the 2-0 success in Cologne. Against Leipzig, the FC Augsburg must rebuild his defense again. © Getty Images had every reason to joy in Cologne: Markus Weinzierl and Jeffrey Gouweleeuw. Augsburg's captain is missing against Leipzig again The occupation of the domestic defense was a complex puzzle for Weinzierl last week.

After the Lilli - Kevin bomb is bursting at " Cologne 50667 ", everything makes no sense for both Kevin and Lilli. The attempt to deal with a fake relationship and the prudence of friendship Leonie and Nico is miserably failed. The kiss with Kevin also has warped Nico Leonie and does everything to lose them.

Köln 50667: Amanda Bella Ciss als Lilli Castfoto Neu © Rtlzwei Cologne 50667: Amanda Bella Ciss as Lilli Castfoto Neu

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Leonie insured Nico that he is one for them, but some of them still hangs on Kevin. He now decided to leave Cologne behind for all, because there is nothing left there. Does it take him the same? At least she would, unlike Kevin, nobody who would stop ...

1. FC Cologne extends Management - Wehrle does not extend

 1. FC Cologne extends Management - Wehrle does not extend 1. FC Cologne will soon be three managing directors. Besides Christian Keller, Philippe Door fails. But how long remains Alexander Wehrle? © Imago Images / Herbert Bucco wants to say goodbye at the latest 2023 from 1. FC Cologne: Alexander Wehrle. dooroff reinsert that on April 1, 2022 Christian Keller starts as Managing Director at the 1st FC Cologne, has been fixed for a few weeks.

"Cologne 50667": Lilli could leave the city

barely she settled in Cologne, it could be over for Lilli again with the cathedral town love . At the beginning of October, Lilli, played by Amanda Bella Ciss, joined the Cast. At Nico's site she played a young dancer and moved together with him into the WG of Leonie, Paco and Lea. Just stupid that Nico picked himself in Leonie and led Lilli. Well, she was not innocent. She gauled him a pregnancy to bind him to himself.

to release Nico again from Leonie and recover for themselves, Lilli went a pact with Kevin. He also wanted to conquer the heart of his old flame Leonie for himself. Now the plan is history, because he has brought nothing. Lilli is violated by all and should even leave the WG immediately.

One reason for Lilli after so short time to leave the city again? What happens to your role, you will learn however in the next consequences on RTLZWEWE or in advance at RTL +! *

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reconstruction aid: District Government Cologne loses responsibilities .
The district government Cologne is now responsible for processing the applications for reconstruction aid after the devastating flood of July for none of the municipalities in Euskirchen. © DPA So it saw in Bad Münstereifel one month after the devastating flood of according to the Euskirchen Landtagsman Klaus Voussem (CDU), the responsibilities of the district governments are redistributed.

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