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Entertainment: SPD remains clear in ZDF "PolitBarometer" in front of Union and Greens

Federal President: Wolfgang Kubicki and Christian Dürr support Frank-Walter Steinmeier

 Federal President: Wolfgang Kubicki and Christian Dürr support Frank-Walter Steinmeier In February, a new Federal President is elected, Frank-Walter Steinmeier is ready for a second term. So far, the traffic light was back, now he receives support from the FDP.

Berlin. The work of the new Federal Government comes well in the population so far. 65 percent of the respondents Certificate Chancellor Scholz that he makes his cause rather good.

 Christian Lindner (FDP), Bundesminister der Finanzen, und Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) nehmen an der Sitzung des Bundestags teil. (Archivfoto) © Kay Nietfeld Christian Lindner (FDP), Federal Minister of Finance, and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) participate in the meeting of the Bundestag. (Archive Photo)

The SPD clearly remains the strongest force in the current ZDF "PolitBarometer". For the Social Democrats, according to the Survey published on Friday, the Mannheim Research Group elections will decide 27 percent of respondents (minus one), for the CDU / CSU 22 percent (plus one). The green consequences with 16 percent (minus one) on the third place.

arms exports: large coalition approved last minute exports - new record value

 arms exports: large coalition approved last minute exports - new record value War ships and air defense systems: In its recent territory, the old Federal Government has released billions of armaments exports. Main recipient is a controversial regime in Africa. © Michele Tantussi / Reuters The former Federal Government of Union and SPD has approved arms exports for almost five billion euros in the last nine days of its term of office. This increases the total scope of the export permissions in the current year to the record value of 9.04 billion euros.

The FDP also deteriorates a point to ELF percent. For the AFD, ten percent still predetermined, for the Left Party six percent (plus one).

The work of the new federal government is mostly rated positively. 65 percent of all respondents said that Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) was more good, only 17 percent say "rather bad". In addition to the followers of the coalition parties, those of CDU / CSU and Left Party were predominantly positive, only the AFD is not.

In the ranking of important politicians, however, is the former Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with a value of 2.5 in first place. SCHOLZ followed by 1.9 (previously 2.1), Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck (Green) with 1.4 (unchanged), SPD boss Lars Klingbeil with 1.1 (1.3) and Finance Minister Christian Lindner with 0.9 (1.0).

Farewell to Claus Kleber: His replacement at the "Today Journal" is clear!

 Farewell to Claus Kleber: His replacement at the What was Jan Hofer for the Day show was Claus Kleber for the "Today Journal": no wonder so that the message about Klebers wondered in retirement for furore. On the 30th of December this is now before. At 21.45 o'clock he will last for the last time the "Today Journal" in ZDF. © ZDF / Klaus Weddig Claus Kleber Listen to He shaped the news magazine sustainable, has been a major moderator since 2003 as the editorial manager.

that the designated CDU chairman Friedrich Merz will successfully lead its party into the future, expect only 40 percent of respondents, 48 ​​percent do not expect this. However, 68 percent optimistic about the followers of the CDU / CSU.

as a very important topic, 69 percent called the Corona pandemic, which remains clearly dominant. It follows with 33 percent of climate protection.

satisfied with the currently applicable Corona protective measures are 44 percent (plus five). 30 percent said that the measures would have to be harder (minus twelve), 22 percent consider the applicable measures for exaggerated (plus six).

For general vaccinations, a significant majority of 62 percent (minus six) spoke. 36 percent (plus five) are against it. The largest is the approval of followers of the Greens (76 percent), the CDU / CSU (73 percent) and the SPD (73 percent). At the left, 53 percent are and at the FDP 52 percent - at the AFD only ten percent.

A classification of new nuclear power plants by the EU as "sustainable" support only 22 percent of respondents, 74 percent reject the project of the EU Commission. The German nuclear phase-out is 54 percent properly and 40 percent for wrong.

For a re-election of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, 81 percent of respondents spoke out. On the other hand, 13 percent.

For the ZDF "PolitBarometer", the Mannheim Research Group interviewed elections from Tuesday to Thursday 1128 random eligible voters. The error range was given with two to three percentage points.

Max Otte as AfD candidate: After his statement, the union of values ​​.
crumbled After setting up the values ​​Unions chairman Max Otte as a federal presidential candidate of the AFD the Conservative Association loses prominent supporters. Ex-secret service chief Hans-Georg Maassen and Dresdner political scientist and former adviser to the Saxony CDU, Werner Patzelt, announced their withdrawal from the union of values. The co-founder of the group, Alexander Mitsch, demanded its dissolution.

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