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Entertainment: league magnus: second final for gap

What is Boxing Day and why it's an English Premier League tradition

  What is Boxing Day and why it's an English Premier League tradition Boxing Day is one of the biggest days of the year in the Premier League, so what is it, and why is it so important?This season, 12 of the 20 Premier League teams have scheduled matches on Boxing Day, with another two playing the following day (complete schedule at the end of this post).

Synerglace Ligue Magnus is the current name for the top men's division of the French ice hockey pyramid, established in 1906. The league operated under a variety of names before taking that of its

Follow Ligue Magnus 2021/2022 for live scores, final results, fixtures and standings! In addition, provides live team statistics (number of shots on goal, shooting percentage, goalkeeper saves, penalties, power play/shorthanded goals, faceoffs won) and player statistics from NHL and other top hockey leagues . Standings: offers home/away/overall Ligue Magnus 2021/2022 standings, form (last 5 matches), over/under and top scorers tables.

Hockey sur glace – Coupe de France (H/Demi-finales) : Gap domine Briançon et rejoint Angers en finale © provided by ice hockey - Cup of France (h / semi-finals): Gap dominates Briançon and joins Angers in final

four years after the lapel suffered against Lyon , Gap will play his second Cup final of France. A week after the qualification of Angers at the expense of Bordeaux, the raptors have dominated the red lantern of magnus league, Briançon, to validate their ticket. A second semifinal that started with two unruly teams during the first third time. But, despite two periods of numerical superiority, red devils have not been able to worry Julian Junca. By dint of not seizing their luck, Briançon players ended up giving up. Shortly before the half hour of play, on MICKEVICS ARTURE PASSES and JOHAN LORRAINE, Romain Gutierrez unlocked the counter of raptors by going to deceive Jan Broz. Barely more than ten minutes later, the latter went to get the puck a second time the washer in his nets.

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Gap and Briançon will face each other this Tuesday for the third time this season in the league . And because a derby is such a special match, a prognosis is all the more difficult to establish, if not impossible. This is all the more exciting as in a few days looms the most important match at this stage of the season for the two teams, a semi- final of the Coupe de France (January 5 in Gap ) with a ticket for The Accor Arena in Bercy is the key. When disembarking at the Alp’Arena, Briançon accuses a series of 4 defeats in a row, including two of the most frustrating against Nice, one …

Rudy, Tavares and Causeur were missing, the first two due to COVID-19 and the Frenchman due to the coach's decision. Alocén was back nearly a month after his injury. Madrid defend the lead Ponsarnau looked for answers from the bench and his team improved in attack with Waczynsky and Bone on the court in a second quarter in which Madrid had less control. A drop in the defensive performance gave Casademont Zaragoza the chance to demonstrate their talent, especially from the outside.

GAP knew how to keep his nerves

indeed, well launched by Romain Chapuis and Fabien Bourgeois, Paul Joubert a full-time addition at the end of the second period. A score that could have been heavier. At the last ten minutes, the raptors got a penalty shot following an antisportive fault of Rudolf Huna, who then scrutted with a 30-minute penalty. But, only face to Jan Broz, Dimitri Thillet lost his duel . Nervousness has remained high on the ice of the alp'arena but the score has not moved. Red Devils have tried everything for all in the last seconds going out of their goalkeeper to evolve in numerical superiority but nothing has done. Gap is needed on its ice (2-0) and will make the trip to the Aren'ice de Cergy-Pontoise with the hope of adding its name to the chart of the Coupe de France on January 30th.

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Ligue Magnus . League status: Active. English name: French League . The current Ligue Magnus champion Gap Rapaces was knocked out in the first round of playoffs by In a dramatic final Mogo won the home team HK Liepāja capturing the first edition of the international competition Read more».

Gap is less often dangerous on the first third but Mickevics is not far from concluding with a pass from Cirgues at the far post. The against Grenoble follows in stride. Champagne thinks he has scored a goal but he will be refused for an obstruction on the goalkeeper. Gap did not come far from taking at least one point on the South Pole ice which would have been a good performance. The match is nevertheless of good quality for the club of Rapaces which with its Franco-French workforce manages to do good things on the ice, which shows that this is possible in a French League too accustomed to bringing in

Ice Hockey - Cup of France (H) / Semi-finals

Video: 19th day. - Pelissier: "We lose two points" (Dailymotion)

Sunday 9 January 2022

Angers - Bordeaux: 2-1

Sunday 16 January 2022

Gap - Briançon: 2-0


Sunday 30 January 2022 ( at the Aren'ice de Cergy-Pontoise)

15h15: Angers - Gap

"Thank you for nothing, Denmark" - Iceland frustration after France victory .
France attracts in the Handball EM in the semifinals. Long, the Danes, who compete without four top stars, look like the secure winners. © Provided by "Thank you for nothing, Denmark" - Iceland frustration to France victory What a catch-up! France has reached the semi-final at the Handball European Championship in a crazy game.

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